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David Du Toit

Senior Lecturer
Name: David Du Toit
Location: C Ring 632A Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 2882


About Dr David Du Toit

David du Toit is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg. In 2019, he received his PhD at the University of Stellenbosch. He is currently teaching third-year Social Science Research Methodology, Honours Sociology of Work and Labour Markets and SPSS for the Advanced Social Research course for MA students. He has supervised several successful MA students on topics ranging from emotional labour, domestic work and migration. He has published several articles on outsourcing, paid domestic work, the private security sector and emotional labour. Other than that, he loves Scandinavian design, travelling and French films.Qualifications

Ph.D., University of Stellenbosch
MA Sociology, University of Stellenbosch
BA Hons in Sociology, cum laude, University of Stellenbosch
BA (Sociology and Psychology) cum laude, University of Stellenbosch

Research Interests

  • Sociology of Work
  • Domestic work
  • Emotional labour
  • Outsourcing
  • Family Sociology

Research Publications
Du Toit, D., and Whaley, B. 2021. Another bloody clean up: The experiences of trauma cleaners in South Africa. The Thinker: A Pan-African Journal, 89(4):95-103.Another bloody clean up_The experiences of trauma cleaners in South Africa.pdf

Du Toit, D., and Heinecken, L. 2021. Is outsourcing better? Clients’ views on contracting in domestic cleaning services. Employee Relations, 43(5): 1147-1162. Available: Du Toit D and Heinecken L. 2021. Employee Relations. Vol 43, Iss 5.pdf

Du Toit, D. 2020. Outsourcing has not improved conditions for domestic workers in South Africa. The Conversation.

Du Toit, D. 2016. Working in fear? Managers’ and petrol attendants’ experiences of public-initiated violence at selected petrol stations in Johannesburg. Acta Criminologica, 29(1): 143-155. D Du Toit 2016.pdf

Du Toit, D. 2016. We cannot discriminate against someone without an eye or a leg … but I do look at obesity’: statistical discrimination and employers’ recruitment strategies of housecleaning service companies in Johannesburg. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 40(1): 25-41. 2016 Du Toit – SAJLR 40(1) 2016.pdf

Du Toit, D. 2015. Working as a security guard on the Potchefstroom campus: Issues, challenges and coping strategies. South African Review of Sociology, 45(2): 97-114. 2015 Security guards SARS.pdf

Du Toit, D. 2014. Offshoring by J. Urry (Book review). South African Review of Sociology, 45(3):127-130.

Du Toit, D. 2013. ‘From “Cinderella Cleaners” to “Maids from Heaven”: Clients’ and domestic workers’ perceptions of housecleaning services in Stellenbosch’. South African Journal of Labour Relations,37(1): 97-114. 2013 From_Cinderella_Cleaners_to Maids_from_Heaven.pdf

Du Toit, D. 2012. ‘Beyond the smile and wave of petrol attendants: A case study on male petrol attendants’ use of emotional labour’. South African Review of Sociology, 43(3): 129-145. 2012 Beyond_the_Smile_and_Wave_of_Petrol_Attendants_pdf.pdf