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Research output, Theses & Dissertations (UJ IR)

UJ IR is the University of Johannesburg’s Open Access Institutional Repository. The IR collects and maintains intellectual scholarship such as published journal articles (pre-print and post-print), conference papers and proceedings, data sets, reports, theses and dissertations in a free and open environment. For more information on UJ IR, Theses & Dissertations, Open Access, Pre-print, Postprint, AAM, Copyright, and how to submit research output on OROSS, click here

UJ DR (Data Repository)

UJ DR is the University of Johannesburg’s Open Access Data Repository. Our data repository collects Research data/Raw data/Datasets, which are data in whatever formats or form collected, observed, generated, created and obtained during the entire course of a research project. For more information on submission guidelines and frequently asked questions, click here

Accredited Journals

In South Africa, only articles published in accredited journals are considered for subsidy. Journals included in the DHET list are considered “accredited” and will be taken into account for government subsidy and NRF evaluation. Please note that the DHET list provided by the UJ Research Office is the ONLY source to be consulted. If anyone is not sure about a journal it is best to contact the Research Office: Reetha Nundulall, Tel.: +27 11 559 6598, Email:

For Publications Support, contact your Faculty and Subject Librarians. They can:

  • Assist with identification of accredited and impact journals for publication
  • Assist with reporting on top cited/impact journals in your subject field
  • Advise on journals for publications
  • Arrange Author’s webinars and online sessions with leading Publishers

UJ Policy: Authorship

The following UJ policy has been approved: UJ Policy on Authorship

UJ Library Open Journal System

At the University of Johannesburg we support open access publishing and the dissemination of information through open access platforms. Part of our mission is to support research in any way that we can. There are several journals that are loosely ‘housed’ at the university and the editors of these journals are all faculty staff. The Open Journal System (OJS) is a digital platform on which these journals, and any other journal that faculty members may be involved in, can be hosted.

Reneka Panday

Open Access Publications Support

Contact your Faculty and Subject Librarians for more information on:
Article Processing Charges (APC’s)
20% of the Faculties Information budget is allocated to payment of APC’s .
Open Access Accredited & Impact Journals
Identification of Open Access accredited and impact journals for publication
Predatory Journals and Publishers
Identification of Predatory journals and Publishers


To read more about Copyright implications with regard to UJ IR (UJ Institutional Repository), click here.
To read more about Copyright in general, click here.


Plagiarism is illegal and a criminal offence.

What is plagiarism?

  • Submitting someone else’s work as your own.
  • Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit.
  • Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation.
  • Changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.


  • Read what others have said about the topic.
  • Always use “quotation marks” when quoting someone else.
  • Always give credit to the source (Citing & Referencing).
  • Don’t cut and paste information from electronic sources such as websites/databases without acknowledging the source.
  • Use your own words when formulating your viewpoint.
  • Learn to think independently and critically.
  • Get acquainted with the correct method of citing and referencing. Don’t hide behind ignorance. Plagiarism is a criminal offence. It is punishable, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Don’t use the work of a fellow student or of someone who did the research prior to you.

UJ Research and Innovation

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UJ Postgraduate School

Visit UJ Postgraduate School for more information on Postgraduate programmes (Degrees & Diplomas); Research support and development ​(Workshops, Blackboard community); Funding and more.

National Research Foundation (NRF)

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How to get published (Instructions to Authors)