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The Library offers various information sources to support your research project. Below is a list to get you started. You can do a combined search using the UJoogle search engine, but for advanced search queries it is advised to use the subject-specific databases provided on the Database list.

  • UJoogle (All-in-one search for books, journals, articles)
  • UJLink (Catalogue of all UJ Library holdings)
  • Databases ( Online articles, books, reference works, theses, reports, proceedings, newspapers etc.)
  • A to Z Journal list/Full Text Finder (e-Journals)
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • UJ IR (UJ Institutional Repository – Research output)
  • UJ DR (UJ Data repository)
  • Special Collections (Manuscripts, rare books, prints, photos)
  • Subject guides (Recommended subject-specific resources (books, journals, databases, websites, etc.) that provide a useful starting point for finding relevant information sources)​
  • UJ Electronic Theses & Dissertations can be searched under ‘Communities & Collections” in the UJ Institutional Repository.
    Theses & Dissertations can be browsed by Date, Author, Title and Subject.
  • Print Theses & Dissertations completed at UJ can be located via the library catalogue (UJLink) by searching Author, Title or Keywords. Limit your search by
    choosing ‘Theses & Dissertations’ in the dropdown menu.

SA Theses & Dissertations

Nexus – Current and Completed Research Projects Database

This database provides information on current and completed research projects including theses and dissertations in South Africa. It provides information on all fields of science since 1919. Includes citations, some abstracts & a limited number of records with links to full-text.
** Contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance with a Nexus search.

Nexus – National ETD Portal

This database contains online full-text dissertations and theses completed at South African universities. No password is required for access. Select the relevant title for more information. Select the Identifier link for the full-text of the study in the specific Institution’s Repository.

International Theses & Dissertations

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses is the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text.