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What is the difference between ILL (Interlibrary Loans) and ICL (Intercampus Loans)?
ILL – when postgraduates need to borrow items not owned by any UJ libraries.
ICL – when you need to borrow items owned by any of the UJ campus libraries.  For information on ICL (Intercampus Loans) visit this page.

Only UJ Staff, Honours, Masters and PhD Students may submit ILL requests.

Books: We are able to supply books or items that are available in print via most libraries on the ILL network – nationally.

Journal articles/Book chapters: We may be able to supply articles and chapters that are available electronically. We will keep you updated about your request.

The Interlibrary Loans department provides a service to researchers by obtaining material not owned by the University of Johannesburg libraries. The material is obtained from libraries in South Africa and abroad. The Interlibrary Loans department also supplies documents to other libraries and institutions in South Africa and overseas..

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of Interlibrary Loans?

To obtain material for clients (books and journal articles) which are not available in our library collection. Material is obtained from libraries in Southern Africa and from international libraries through national and international interlibrary loan schemes.​

Q2. Who qualifies for Interlibrary Loans?

  • Honours; Masters and Doctoral students.
  • Staff members of the University of Johannesburg.

Q3. How do I submit requests?

Firstly, it is essential to check the online library catalogue, and the electronic journals to ensure that the required item is not held at the University of Johannesburg Library Service.

Secondly, it is essential to determine whether the journal article is available electronically in the case of journals. Electronic journal titles subscribed to by the Library Service are accessible via the online library catalogue and an E-journal title A-Z list on the online databases web page

Request via the Internet only: Please fill in all the fields when you request a book or journal article online. You can use the online ILL request system here, as we do not accept any other means of requesting ILL (for auditor purposes). No ILL requests will be processed without the necessary information regarding your student/staff number, address, etc.​​​​​  For a step-by-step guide on how to submit an ILL request, ciick here.

Q4. What information is required when submitting a request?

Books: Author / Title / Year / ISBN if available

Articles: Journal title / Author of article / Title of article / Year / Volume / Part / Page numbers / ISSN if available

​​​Q5. Possible reasons for unsuccessful electronic requests

  • The compulsory fields were not completed.
  • The user typed only initials instead of the full name (it is unnecessary to type in all your names, one is sufficient).
  • You are not a student/staff member of the UJ.
  • You have not registered for the current academic year.
  • You have overdue books/fines on your user record.

Q6. What is the loan period?

Loan periods vary, depending on the policy of the supplying library. Generally a client can expect to have the use of a book for a period of between 4 and 6 weeks. International loans are usually available to the user for two weeks.

Q7. International requests

If a desired item cannot be located in the national database, clients will receive notification indicating the additional cost of an international request. In order for the interlibrary loan staff to pursue an item internationally, the request should be resubmitted, clearly identifying it as an overseas or international request.

If the interlending fee of R185.00 (articles) and R486.00 (books) is afforded by your department, we will require proof of payment with your request. ​​

Q8. What costs are involved?

National articles/books: No charge
International article: R 193.30
International book: R 507.87
International thesis: R 507.87

Q9. How long will delivery take?


Books: Approximately 1-3 weeks

Articles: Approximately 3-10 days


Books: Approximately 4-6 weeks

Articles: Approximately 3 days to 4 weeks

Q10. How do I know if the book or article has arrived?

Articles received electronically will be dispatched electronically to your e-mail address. You will also be notified by e-mail if books have arrived.

Q11. How do I renew books?

The renewal of ILL material depends on the policy of the supplying library. If you want to renew, contact the responsible ILL officer at least three working days before the material is due.

Q12. Where must the material be returned?

All material obtained from or through Interlibrary Loans must be returned to the Interlibrary Loans department.

Q13 Contact details

Please note: Your ILL request will be processed on the campus where you are employed or registered as a student or staff member.

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Office hours:
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Office hours:
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Monday to Friday
Office hours:
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