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​Frequently Asked Questions:​​

Q1. Who may borrow and for how long?

Membership category

General collection

Number of items

Loan period (days)

Permanent staff - academic 30 60
Permanent staff - non-academic 15 30
Temporary academic staff 6 14
Temporary non-academic staff 6 14
​Post Doctoral students/ Research Fellows3060
Postgraduate students (Doctoral and Masters, Honours, B.Tech. & 4th-year degree students) 16 30
Prospective postgraduate students 8 14
​Undergraduate students614
​Extracurricular (Board courses/APT) - undergraduates *​6​14
Extracurricular (Board courses/APT) - postgraduates *​16​30
​Postgraduate students and lecturers from other SA Academic Institutions (CHELSA)614
​Alumni members and occasional students414
​Honorary and former staff members.10​​30
​Individual and corporate members414
​Special agreement members (e.g. Ann Latsky Nursing College)​414
​Day visitors0NO Borrowing

* Extracurricular course students can only borrow library items from the library on the campus where the course is offered

​​​​ Q2. How do I borrow? 


You must present your valid university card for all borrowing transactions. Take your university card and the items you want to borrow to the Lending Desk or the Self Issue system.

Q3. May I borrow books from any campus library?

All registered staff and students, excluding online students and extracurricular students, may borrow books from any campus library. Extracurricular students may borrow books only from the campus where they are registered.

Please note: If a client is unable to to go to another campus, the item may be requested via the Intercampus loan (ICL) service. This will take at least 24 hours.

​​ Q4. How do I renew my loan? 


All items from the general collection may be renewed twice if the item has not been placed on hold for/by another client. 
Please note: Items from the reserve collection CANNOT be​ renewed.

  • Items may be renewed by telephone (see contact details).
  • Items may also be renewed via the web: access the Library Catalogue, click on "My UJLink" and follow the prompts.
  • Visit the circulation desk and provide your card. Ask staff to renew items for you.​​​​

Q5. What if the item I want should be on the shelves, but I cannot find it?

If an item shows 'available' on the catalogue, but it is not on the shelves:

  • Go to the lending desk and complete a “Missing books” form or complete the form online
  • The Library staff will search for the item and place it on hold for you if found.
  • If not found, the item will be indicated as “Missing” on the catalogue.
  • In both circumstances you will be notified of the outcome.
Q6. Where do I see which books I have already borrowed (My Reading History)?


  • Access your library record via the Library Catalogue.
  • Select “My UJLink"" from the menu.
  • Type in your name and student/staff number.
  • Click on “Items currently checked out".
​​ Q7. Do members of the public have access to the library?


Yes, members of the public do have access to the Library. Please note that Library tariffs are revised annually. See this guide to external membership types.  
Please note: External members do not have remote access to UJ's electronic resources. Please go to the Circulation Desk, Information Desk or Learning Commons for assistance to create an on-campus PIN for the day.​​

Q8. What if I forget my student card and need access to the Library?

  • Produce proof of registration and ID to gain access to the Library 
​​ Q9. What if I do not return my loan by the due date?


  • You will receive a courtesy notice 3 days before the due date, reminding you to either return or renew the items in order to avoid fines.
  • This reminder is a courtesy service and the Library is not responsible for non-receipt.
  • Overdue items will accrue fines and will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges until the items are returned/renewed and fines paid.
  • Please note: Clients with outstanding fines will not be able to: 
    - View examination results
    - Register for the next year
    - View or print and academic record
    - Receive a graduation certificate
    - Access databases ​
​​ Q10. How do I avoid Library fines?


  • Return or renew your loans on or before the due date.
  • Make a note of due dates.
  • Avoid giving your loans to others to return.
  • Treat your university card as a credit card. Report immediately if lost/stolen. Do not let others use it.
  • Fines vary according to which collection the items were borrowed from and are reviewed annually.
  • Remember: if you share your Library items with others, you will be responsible for any fines, losses or damages incurred!
Q11. How do I return my loan?


  • Items must be returned to any campus library circulation desk.
  • You must be present when the items are checked back on the system.
  • You will be held responsible for all items you borrow until they are returned correctly. You will be liable for any penalties or charges for loss.
​​ Q12. Contact details for Circulation Desks


Campus Circulation Desk ​Team Leader E-mail
Kingsway campus

011 559 2165

​011 559 2853

Bunting Road campus011 559 1293011 559 1382

Doornfontein campus

011 559 6752/6769

​011 559 6327

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

011 559 1018/1799

​011 559 1063

Soweto campus011 559 5666​011 559 5214

Q13. Can I renew my checked out items online?

Yes, you can renew items via your library record:

  • From the Catalogue (UJLink), go to "My UJLink"
  • Type in your UJ e-mail username and password
  • Select "Items currently checked out"
  • Mark the items you want to renew or select "Renew all"
  • If you are not allowed to renew, a message will display
  • If the renewal is successful a new due date will appear in the "STATUS" column
  • ALWAYS check the "STATUS" column for information on the success or failure of your renewal
  • Please note: Checked out items can  only be renewed twice online
Q14. What if an item I want is already issued to someone else?


If the item you need is already issued to another user, you may place a hold on the item:

  • Search for the item on the Library Catalogue.
  • When found, click on “Request"".
  • Type in your surname, initials and student/staff number and click on “Submit” .

Please note:

  • Holds can only be placed on items already checked out.
  • A hold cannot be placed if you have fines/books outstanding.
  • You will receive a note to collect the book.
  • Hold items must be fetched from, and returned to, the Library where the item is located"
​​Q15. What other items are available (special collections)?


Reserve print collection:

  • Prescribed and/or recommended books (allowed to borrow two items at a time)
  • CDs (where available)
  • Please note:
    • This is a closed collection situated at the Circulation Desk
    • These items may only be used for two hours, in the library
    • The fine for overdue items is R9.00 per item per hour or part of an hour
    • Reserved items can be borrowed overnight to be taken out ONLY 2 hours before closure (for more information, consult the Circulation Staff)
    • Reserved Law items cannot be borrowed overnight  
    • Overnight items CANNOT be renewed
Electronic Course Reserves (ECR) Collection:
  • Prescribed and/or recommended e-material, e.g. book chapters, articles, lecture notes, etc.
  • ECR-items are accessible via UJLink and ONLY available to UJ registered staff and students
  • Electronic Course Reserves may be printed or downloaded
Audio-visual collection (DFC) -  Other campuses also keep audio-visual material
  • Video recordings
  • Audio tapes
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Slides
  • Please note:
    • Items can be borrowed two items at a time, for five days
    • No renewals allowed. Fines for overdue items are charged at R12.50 per item per day Some audio-visual items are also electronically available through subscribed databases and can be accessed online
    • Some textbooks do have accompanying audio-visual material and it will be issued WITH the textbook
Journal collection
  • Journals that the Library receive on a regular basis.
  • NOT available for loan.
  • Many journal titles are electronically available through subscribed databases and can be accessed online
  • NO remote access to external members
Law collection (APK)
  • Items housed in the law collection on Level 6.
  • NOT available for loan except to Law lecturers
  • Many law items are also available through subscribed databases and can be accessed online
  • NO remote access to external members
Archive and Special Collections (on DFC)
  • A collection of valuable books and manuscripts of great research value.
  • Includes the University Archives.
  • NOT available for loan
  • Access ONLY during office hours (07:30 – 16:30)
UJ Theses and dissertations collection
  • A collection of UJ theses and dissertations (including previously RAU, TWR and Vista theses and dissertations).
  • Print theses and dissertations are available on loan
  • Electronic theses and dissertations are housed on UJ Content and can be accessed online.
  • Previous Vista theses and dissertations (as well as theses and dissertations from other academic institutions) are available on microfiche and are housed at the APK Campus Library Level 1. Please ask for assistance.
Online collection (including  e-journal and e-book databases)
  • Journals and books in electronic format are either available as part of a database or as individual titles.
  • Articles from e-journals and chapters from e-books  can be downloaded or printed directly (Clients must ensure that they adhere to the requirements of the Copyright Act and the licenses signed)
  • Individual e-book titles can be downloaded for use.
​​​ Q16. How do I access course material that has been placed on reserve? 


All items (print and electronic) placed on reserve by a lecturer will show in the Catalogue (UJLink) under Course Reserves. 
To access:

  • Go to the catalogue.
  • Select "Course reserves”.
  • Follow the prompts
  • Electronic items can be downloaded or printed.
  • Print/multimedia items must be checked out for use in the library (see Reserve print collection for more detail)​​

Q17. How do I pay a fine or other debt electronically?

  • Electronic payments can be made into the University account:
    - Bank: FNB
    - Account no: 62615873149
    - Branch no: 251705
    - Account Type: Cheque
    - Swift code: FIRNZAJJ
  • The following number must be used as reference (Please do not use your student/staff number here):
    - Library Fines: 05.05.125520.20.17600.0
    - Lost books: 05.05.125520.20.17700.0
    - Membership fees: 05.05.125520.20.16700.0 
  • Please fax or e-mail your proof of payment with your name and student number to:
Kingsway campus
Tebogo Mogakane
011 726-7723

Bunting Road campus
Nomsa Mudau
011 559-1382

Doornfontein campus
Stanley Modau
011 559-6590
Soweto campus
Lucas Dlamini
011 559-5214
Yvonne Bucwa
011 559-1676