Umteteli wa Bantu

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Umteteli wa Bantu (Mouthpiece of the People) was a newspaper, established by the Chamber of Mines and the Native Recruiting Corporation (NRC) after the 1920 mineworkers strike. The establishment of the newspaper came against the backdrop of increasing militancy by African workers and the influence of Abantu Batho, an African National Congress (ANC) newspaper. The newspaper lasted until 1956.

Front page of the first issue of the newspaper
1 May 1920


​Umteteli wa Bantu regularly contained a page or two covering legislation and proclamations that affected its readership 12 July 1930


During the 1930s Umteteli wa Bantu kept its readers informed of events around the world that led up to World War II. When war broke out, it kept its readers up-to-date on how the War was developing. Very importantly, they told their readers how black South African soldiers were faring. 25 April 1942