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Copyright and Reproduction

The UJ Library does not condone any illegal use of material.

General information on the use and reproduction of material can be obtained here. Records created under a creative commons licence are available in the public domain and users are allowed to copy those items.

The following aspects are applicable to material of which the copyright rests with the University of Johannesburg and to the use of unpublished material:

  • Unless copyright of the contents of a special collection was transferred to the University of Johannesburg, rights to unpublished items remain with the creator.
  • Creators: Companies retain copyright for 50 years after creation of a document or audio-visual record. An individual’s family retains copyright for 50 years after his/her demise.
  • The user is responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for material not yet digitised by the UJ Library, before the digitisation thereof.
  • Full responsibility for legal clearance relating to the use and publication of manuscripts or photographs rests with the user.
  • The intention to use material for commercial purposes such as footage, broadcasting or publication must be communicated to the staff of UJ Library Special Collections. They will guide the user in the proper procedures to obtain authorisation.
  • Photocopying of material is allowed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Copyright Law, unless books or documents are declared too fragile for handling.
  • Permission for scanning and digital photography can be obtained from the staff of UJ Library Special Collections by completing the prescribed form.
  • In cases where the staff of UJ Library Special Collections has to do specialised scanning of documents, maps or photographs the prescribed fee is applicable.

Form for permission to copy material
Form for permission to use material for commercial purposes
Fees for specialised scanning services