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UJ offers BSc Honours, MSc and PhD degrees in Geology. Students require at least an Honours Degree in Geology to be able to register as a professional geologist.

Geology Honours

A maximum of 20 students per year are accepted into this course, on the basis of academic merit. Applications must be submitted by the end of October in the year prior to study.

The Geology Honours programme consists of 9 modules:

  • Sedimentary basin analysis and palaeontology
  • Tectonic evolution of mountain building areas
  • Geochemistry of igneous rocks
  • Chemical thermodynamics and metamorphic rocks
  • Applied and environmental mineralogy
  • Economic geology and exploration management
  • Advanced field mapping
  • Mining geology
  • Geology honours research project

Most of the modules include weekend excursions and practical fieldwork.

Masters and Doctoral studies

Masters and Doctoral degrees in Geology are by research dissertation. Applicants should approach a member of staff in the Department who specialises in their field of interest. For more information about the staff and their research programmes, consult the Departmental directory.

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