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Community Engagement

Community Engagement (CE) is one of the core functions of the Faculty of Science. Through various science-related CE initiatives, the Faculty strives to create and consolidate a culture of science, to address specific community needs. To achieve this ethos, the Faculty encourages all staff to get involved in CE initiatives, create awareness about science, and share knowledge to uplift the community.

The CE initiatives in the Faculty of Science take many forms including registered projects led by staff members across different academic departments, annual outreach activities as part of Mandela Day, the presentation of public lectures and science-related experiments to school learners through the Scientiae@UJ programme, winter school activities as well as teaching and tutoring as part of the Soweto Science Centre. 

Registered Community Engagement Projects

Currently, the Faculty of Science has a number of registered CE projects, including community-based research and various outreach activities.

Mandela Day 

The Faculty actively participates in Mandela Day initiatives by engaging with communities through science-related activities. These include Faculty-based projects as well as outreach activities by individual departments. 

Soweto Science Centre (SSC) 

The vision of the SSC is that of a South Africa that creates and consolidates a culture of science in its communities, which allows it to utilise technology as an engine of industrial and social transformation. 

Public Lectures

The Faculty hosts a number of public lectures on a regular basis. These lectures provide a dynamic and diverse platform for our academics to share new knowledge with the general public and students.  

Reading Programme

The purpose of the Science Reading Programme at Eldorado Park Primary School is to encourage science-related reading and learning.



Community Engagement Excellence Award

In recognition of the contributions of staff members towards CE, the Faculty presents an annual award for achievement of excellence in CE. 

Click below to see our past winners.

For enquiries about CE in the Faculty of Science, please contact Prof JC van Dyk on 

Updated: 14 February 2020