Multilingual Language Services Office

At the Multilingual Language Services Office (MLSO), the Head of Department, Prof Marné Pienaar, a team of four language specialists and the departmental secretary promote multilingualism in the University context and provide free editing, translation, interpreting and language advice services in the University’s four official languages – English, isiZulu, Afrikaans, and Sesotho sa Leboa – to UJ staff for all official UJ-related work. The MLSO is responsible for the implementation of the University’s Language Policy as given effect in the Language Implementation Plan. MLSO staff teach in LanCSAL and the Department of African Languages and will offer an online short learning programme in Afrikaans editing next year. The MLSO is further responsible for coordinating the annual NP van Wyk Louw and the biennial EB van Wyk commemorative lectures, as well as the UJ Prize and the UJ Debut Prize for creative writing in the four official UJ languages as well as the prize for literary translation. Through its various activities, the MLSO enriches and celebrates our South African cultural diversity and promotes University values that contribute to the general cultural transformation of the entire University.