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About the School of Languages

The UJ School of Languages was established in 2016 to address the acute need for language professionals in society and the economy, as well as to coordinate research with regard to language, literature and culture. The School forms part of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg. Included in it are the Departments of African Languages, Afrikaans, Applied Communicative Skills, English, French, Greek and Latin Studies, and Linguistics. The Multilingual Language Services Office (formerly the Language Unit) now also resides in the School of Languages.

There are various undergraduate and postgraduate degree options within these well-established departments. A strong postgraduate cohort has been one of the strengths of the departments in the School. An increasing number of undergraduates have ensured strong and effective teaching.

The School has an excellent and ever-increasing research output as well as various collaborative projects currently running – some on an international level. Establishing new internal and external partnerships is a key strategic priority for the School.

The School is responsive to, and cognizant of, the rich diversity of our student body, and the needs of our society. With the above in mind, the departments of the School continuously revisit their curricula in order to transform and decolonize their offerings so that their teaching and research remain relevant to new currents of thought

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