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Masters and Doctoral graduates: 2012-2016 (till June graduation)​​

MA (Dissertation)

2012: Katulondi, Kabasubabu (cum laude) “Exploring the Congolese (DRC) Democratic Transition from 1990 to 2006: An Analysis Based on Samuel Huntington’s Model” (Supervisor: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2013: Barry, Alexandra (cum laude) – “The Moral Psychology of Human Rights in South Africa” (Supervisor: Prof Lawrence Hamilton)

2013: Fokwa, Mbanwi – “Fourth Elections in the SADC Region: Challenges and Implications for Democracy” (Supervisor: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2013: Lifongo, Maureen – “Women and Peace-building in Sierra Leone: 2002-2011” (Supervisor: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2013: Ndlela, Nkosinathi – “Freedom as Power: The Case of Poverty” (Supervisor: Prof Lawrence Hamilton)

2015: Hasse, Karen – (cum laude) “Explaining the Arab Uprisings of 2011: The Origins and Outcomes of Contagion” (Supervisor: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2015: Shiviti, B. – “Africa’s Post-Cold War Democratic governance Regime: A Critical Assessment” (Supervisor: Prof Chris Landsberg)

2015: Bouelangoye,Ulrich – “A Four-Case Study Assessment of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM): Ghana, Mauritius, Rwanda and South Africa” (Supervisor: Prof Chris Landsberg)

2016: Mokhele, Khothatso – “Political Risk and Foreign Direct Investment in South Africa: Using Indigenous Methods for Analysis” (Supervisor: Prof Chris Landsberg and Dr L Masters)

2016: Pillay, Anton – “The Nature of South African Hegemony 1994-2011: Hard power, Soft power or Benevolent” (Supervisor: Prof Chris Landsberg)

D Litt et Phil

2013: Nganje, Fritz –”Paradiplomacy: A Comparative analysis of the International Relations of South Africa’s Gauteng, North West and Western Cape Provinces”. (Promoter: Prof Deon Geldenhuys; Co-promoter: Dr Costa Georghiou).

2013: Graham, Suzanne –”South Africa’s Voting Behaviour in the United Nations, 1994-2008″ (Promoter: Prof Deon Geldenhuys).

2013: Graham, Victoria – “Assessing the Quality of Democracy in South Africa, 1999-2012” (Promoter: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2015: Brink, E.J. – “Die Politiek van Sesessie in Post-koloniale Afrika: n Vergelykende Ontleding” (Promoter: Prof Deon Geldenhuys)

2015: Tsoeu-Ntokoane, S. – “The Politics of Constitutionalism in South Africa: Institution Supporting Democracy” (Promoter: Prof Lawrence Hamilton)

2015: Van Riet, G. – “Instrumental Reason and Neoliberal Governmentality: A Critical Analysis of Disaster Risk Assessment and Management” (Promoter: Prof Peter Vale)

2016: Mulaudzi, M. – “The Missing Link: State Capacity, Service Delivery and the Politics of the Developmental State in South Africa” (Promoter: Prof Chris Landsberg)

2016: Sadiki, K. “From the AFDL to the CNDP: Identity and Civil War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo” (Promoter: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2016: Check, N. “Myth and Memory: the Construction and De-Construction of Ethnic Conflict in Colonial and Post-Colonial Rwanda” (Promoter: Prof Yolanda Sadie)

2016: Omar, A. “A Comparative Account of Political Authority in the Political Thought of Ibn Rushd (12th century) and Marsillius Padua (14 the century)” (Promoter: Prof Lawrence Hamilton)

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