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Talks, Visits and Fellowships in 2023-4

Publications in 2023

  • Serote, M. (Forthcoming) Ruth Mompati biography 
  • Tobi, A. (Online) Intra-Group Epistemic Injustice. Social Epistemology.
  • Tobi, A. Epistemic injustice and colonisation. South African Journal of Philosophy.
  • Mitova, V. (Online) Why Epistemic Decolonisation in Africa? Social Epistemology.
  • Mitova, V. Socialising epistemic risk: on the risks of epistemic injustice. Metaphilosophy.
  • Mitova, V. (Forthcoming) Motivated Irrationality, Epistemic Innocence, White Ignorance” –
    special issue: Beyond Evidence in Epistemology, Philosophical Topics.
  • Mitova, V. (Forthcoming) Decolonising Experts. In Farina, M., Lavazza, A. and Pritchard, D. (Eds.) Expertise: Philosophical Perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Mitova, V. (Forthcoming) Wilful Hermeneutical Injustice to the (Qualified) Rescue of Knowledge-first. In Logins, A. and Vollet, J. (Eds.) Putting Knowledge to Work. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Mitova, V. (Forthcoming) Replies to Critics: The Collective Epistemic Reasons of Social-identity Groups. Asian Journal of Philosophy.

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