Publications in 2022

  • Harris, C. Forthcoming. External Validity and Public Health. The Routledge Handbook of Public Health (Routledge).
  • Harris, C. Forthcoming. Decolonising Medicine. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Medicine (Oxford University Press).
  • Maponya, D. 2022. Religion, Patriarchy and the Prospect for Gender Equality in South Africa. International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 82: 337-349.
  • Mitova, V., McIntyre, R and Salem, S (Eds.) Forthcoming. Pluralism, Relativism, and Skepticism. Special Issue of Inquiry (Routledge).
  • Nwosimiri, O., Okyere-Manu, B. and Morgan, SN (Eds.) Forthcoming. Issues in Contemporary Development Ethics: African Perspectives (Springer).
  • Nwosimiri, O., Okyere-Manu, B. and Morgan, SN. Forthcoming. What is Development Ethics in an African Context? Issues in Contemporary Development Ethics: African Perspectives(Springer).
  • Nwosimiri, O. Forthcoming. African Ethics and Sustainable Development Goals: Towards Achieving the SDGs in Africa. Issues in Contemporary Development Ethics: African Perspectives (Springer).
  • Smart, BTH. Forthcoming. Concepts of Health and Disease in Public Health, in Venkatapuram, S. and Broadbent, A. (Eds) The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Public Health. Routledge.

Talks in 2022

  • Mitova, V. (Invited) 17 June 2022 Wilful Ignorance and Concept Travel. The Philosophy and Global Politics of Concept Travel Workshop, University of Basel, Switzerland.
  • Mitova, V. (Invited) 13 May 2022. Epistemic Wrongs vs Harms. Epistemic Wrongs Workshop, University of Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Mitova, V. (Invited) 14 May 2022. Epistemic Decolonisation. PhilExpo. Zürich Society for Philosophy, Switzerland.
  • Mitova, V. (Invited) 6 April 2022. Only Epistemic Consequentialists Can Blame White Ignorance. Royal Institute of Philosophy, University of Kent, UK (online).
  • Mitova, V. 17 March 2022. Epistemic Blame without Relationships. Epistemic Blame: Theory and Practice, University of Johannesburg.
  • Mitova, V. (Keynote) 9 March 2022. Risky White People: The Epistemic Risks of Injustice. The social and political dimensions of epistemic risk. University of Seville, Spain.
  • Mitova, V. (Invited) 24 February 2022. Socialising Epistemic Risk. Philosophy Speaker Series, University of Liverpool, UK (online).
  • Mncube, Zinhle. April 2022. Online Epistemic Decolonisation Series. 
  • Mncube, Zinhle. July 2022. British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference. Exeter, UK. 
  • Mncube, Zinhle. November 2022. On the Use of Racial Categories in Medicine across Global and Geographic Contexts. Philosophy of Science Association annual conference. Pittsburgh, USA. (Symposium co-organiser with Azita Chellappoo)
  • Mncube, Zinhle. November 2022. Global Dimensions of Epistemic Diversity. Philosophy of Science Association annual conference. Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Smart, B. 1 June 2022. Evidence Based Public Health and One-Size-Fits-All Approaches to Healthcare Policy. Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol.
  • Smart, B. 23 June 2022. The Ethics of Human Genetic Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cambridge Medical Genetics Seminar, University of Cambridge.
  • Tobi, Abraham. 23 March 2022. Epistemic Injustice in Social Networking Platforms. Epistemic Injustice, Reasons and Agency Workshop, University of Johannesburg.

Op-eds in 2022

Media appearances in 2022