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Faculty of Humanities Ranked Among the Top 400 Worldwide

The Faculty of Humanities at UJ is about human connections – multiple moments of meaningful messages between human beings! We are committed to high quality programmes; innovative and committed teaching through blended platforms; illustrious research outputs in high-impact journals; public, intellectual activities and community engagement; and an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment which encourages students to overcome perceived obstacles and to make their academic dreams come true.

Humanities has authors, communicators, deep thinkers, activists, poets, dreamers and doers all working together in one collective, inspired group of committed teaching and Faculty support staff with national, regional and global networks!

Humanities disciplines are diverse, but they have a common thread: thinking outside the box. This can take the form either of criticism or creativity, or indeed both. They will help you to be flexible, creative problem-solvers who are able to think critically from multiple perspectives. The Faculty of Humanities is vibrant, diverse and energetic. We believe in people making  a positive difference in society and you can be part of that!

The Humanities Faculty values academic distinction; integrity and respect for diversity; individuality and collective effort; creation and dissemination of new knowledge, as well academic freedom and accountability.

UJ Humanities is here for you!  We have over 210 committed teachers, researchers, and support staff who convey their passion for their roles at UJ every day in all they do. Humanities has the UJ spirit. Our Faculty is here to help you to become more aware and to help you to build the necessary academic and life skills you will need to meet the 21st century marketplace with confidence.  UJ Humanities is here to assist you in taking up your role as active citizens of South Africa and the world and to raise the consciousness of humanity. Join us and we will lead you into your future!

We believe that Humanities’ students are part of a rapidly changing world, and the pace of change is going to increase during our lifetime. What do Humanities students need to succeed in a world where the new is normal, and the unexpected is to be expected? We believe the Faculty of Humanities can provide answers to these questions. We equip our students through the excellent degrees and diplomas that we offer. By choosing to do a degree or diploma in the Faculty of Humanities, you will have made the right choice.

The Faculty of Humanities comprises of 13 academic departments ranging from modern and ancient languages to the social sciences and psychology. The Faculty offers 5 undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor of Social Work; Bachelor of Arts; BA with specialisation in Politics, Economics and Technology (PET); BA With Specialisation in Language Practice; Community Development and Leadership); 4 extended degree programmes, and 2 diploma programmes, catering for a wide range of study and career opportunities. The modules in each programme are relevant, up to date and of the highest academic standard. Academic departments offer postgraduate programmes up to doctoral level. Intellectually, the Faculty is vibrant, with a strong research output, numerous public seminars, and a healthy tradition of debate. Students are encouraged to question and explore, and to interrogate knowledge paradigms rather than simply accept them. A principal objective of the Faculty is to produce graduates capable of advanced analytical and critical thinking skills, independent and progressive thinking, allowing them to access and contribute towards all forms of human knowledge, and to make dynamic interventions in their chosen professions. Humanities graduates often achieve public prominence, and contribute towards social good of society.

The Faculty also hosts 3 SARChI Chairs, 8 Centres, 2 research units and is linked with 4 institutes.

In terms of global rankings: In the Shanghai Rankings of global academic subjects: Sociology is in the Top 150 in the world, 1st and only one ranked in South Africa and Africa; Political Sciences is in the Top 400 in the world, 3rd in South Africa and Africa.

In the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings, English Language & Literature is in the Top 250 in the world, joint 3rd in South Africa and Africa.

In the Times Higher Education Rankings, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences are both in the Top 400 in the world, joint 3rd and 4th in South Africa and Africa respectively.

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