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The​​ Deanery

Telephone Number
Office Number
011 559 2883
B Ring 516
Professor and Executive Dean
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
011 559 2753
Vice Dean’s B Ring 518
Associate Professor & Vice Dean: Teaching and Learning
011 559 2727
B Ring 517
Vice Dean: Research
520A, APK – B Ring
Executive Secretary to Dean
Ms Zandile Kokwane
011 559 2653
BRing 520
Executive Secretary: Vice Deans,
011 559 2701
B-Ring 515A
Course Coordinator: Extended Degrees
Mr Ayabulela Mbozana
011 559 3796
BRing 521A
Extended Degree Officer
Mrs Zanab Meer
011 599 9331
Finance Manager
226, APK – C Ring
Research Coordinator
011 559 2791
B Ring 522
Marketing Manager

Faculty Office

Name & Surname
Telephone Number
Office Number
Mrs Tania Dal Mas
011 559 2750
Room 236 Cring
Head of Faculty Administration
Faculty Office Staff Member
Undergraduate portfolio allocations by surname
Postgraduate portfolio by department/qualification assigned to
Global allocations (Student / qualification curriculum reviews; Mark and results reviews per qualification)
Manuela Mackay
Senior Faculty Officer
(; 011559-2051)
UG Surnames: ND – NT Undergraduate Graduations
(Honours) – Social Policy, Community Development (Masters) – Clinical Social Work; Community Development (Doctorates) – Social Work (Honours) Strategic Communication (Masters) – Corporate Communication (Masters ; Doctorates) – Strategic Communication Postgraduate Graduations Payment of external research assessors
BA Psychology B7018Q; BA0099 (pipeline/phasing out) A7001Q Advanced Diploma in Communication Management BA B7023Q Surnames ND – NT
Rene Jordaan
Senior Faculty Officer
(; 0115592-660)
UG Surnames: MN – NC Undergraduate Marks and assessment matters
(Honours, Masters and Doctorates) – Development Studies, Religion Studies SHDC Submissions Payment of external research assessors
BA in Strategic Comm in Marketing Communication B7005Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Social Sciences B7021Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA Journalism B7010Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA 7023Q Surnames MN – NC
Deon Botman
Senior Faculty Officer
(; 011559-4301)
UG Surnames: L- MAQ
Postgraduate Marks and assessment matters Payment of external research assessors
BA in Strategic Comm in Corporate Communication B7004Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA (Social and Marketing Research) BA0078 (pipeline/phasing out) BA (Humanities) BA0088; BA0102; BA0103; BA0104 (pipeline/phasing out) B7023Q Surnames L- MAQ
Norman Mabunda
Senior Faculty Officer
(; 011559-2576)
UG Surnames: SEL – TSH
(Honours) – Historical Studies; African Studies (Masters; Doctorates – Historical Studies Committee Coordination Payment of external research assessors
BA PPE B7014Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA PIR B7016Q (pipeline/phasing out)
Tebogo Motaung (; 011559-5516)
UG Surnames: A – F
Masters MPhil Social Policy and Development (Honours, Masters and Doctorates) – African Languages; Afrikaans; English; French; Greek and Latin Studies; Linguistics; Cultural Studies; Applied Linguistics; Urban Studies Payment of external research assessors
BA Development Studies B7017Q; BA0061; BA0098 (pipeline/phasing out) BA in School Subject Areas B7020Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Geography and Anthropology B7022Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA (Humanities) BA0101 (pipeline/phasing out) BA B023Q Surnames A – F
Laurinda Van Den Berg (; 011559-4625)
UG Surnames: G – K
(Honours, Masters and Doctorates) – Industrial Sociology; Social Impact Assessment; Sociology Payment of external research assessors
BA Film and Television B7009Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA Psychology BA0094 (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Communication and Languages B7019Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA (Humanities) BA0100 (pipeline/phasing out) BA 7023Q Surnames G – K
Mercial Samms (; 011559-4785
UG Surnames: MAR – ME
(Honours ) – Journalism, Communication Studies (Surname A – Mi); Psychology (Surname A – Me) (Masters) – Journalism, Psychology (Research) ; Counselling Psychology (Coursework) (Doctorates) – Journalism , Communication Studies Payment of external research assessors
BA in Community Development & Leadership; BA0096 (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Language Practice B7011Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Language Practice B7026Q (pipeline/phasing out) BA in Community Development & Leadership B7015Q BA B7023Q Surnames MAR – ME
Ismail Fadal (; 011559-3232)
UG Surnames: MF – MO
(Honours) – Communication Studies (Surname Mj – Z); Psychology (Surname Mf – Z); Film and Television (Masters) – Fundamental Communication (Research); Clinical Psychology (Coursework), Film and Television (Doctorates) – Psychology; Film and Television Payment of external research assessors
Diploma Public Relations D7001Q (pipeline/phasing out) Diploma Public Relations D7002Q BA B7023Q Surnames MF – MO
Aphiwe Somabhele (; 011-559-2197)
UG Surnames: NU – SEK
(Honours, Masters and Doctorates) – Politics and International Relations Payment of external research assessors
B Social Work B7008Q; B7012Q; B7013Q (pipeline/phasing out) B Social Work B7025Q
Hape Setloboko (; 011-559-2197)
HFA assistant Audits, faculty coordination
Sune Theunissen (; 0115592197)
UG Surnames: TSI – Z
(Honours, Masters, Doctorates) – Anthropology, Philosophy Bursaries Honours/Masters and Doctorates Payment of external research assessors
Diploma in Public Relations Extended D7EX1Q; NDPEX1 (pipeline/phasing out) Diploma in Public Relations Extended D7EX2Q
Joy Mosia ( ; 011-559-2197)
Reception Oversees student assistants UG Academic Transcripts UG Transcript Supplements
PG Academic Transcripts PG Transcript supplements
Amanda Mbozana (; 011-559-2197)
Reception UG Academic Transcripts
PG Academic Transcripts
Edward Legoale (; 011-559-2197)

Portfolio “buddies”
Manuela Mackay (Ismail Fadal; Joy Mosia; Tebogo Motaung)
Norman Mabunda (Aphiwe Somabhele; Mercial Samms);
Rene Jordaan (Deon Botman; Laurinda van den Berg; Sune Theunissen

Departmental Secretaries

Name & Surname
Telephone Number
Office Number
Zandile Phinda
011 559 2774
African Languages
Neo Mangole
011 559 3210
African Languages
Tswelo Motsoeneng
011 559 4454
D 509
Anthropology and Development Studies
Sue Rafferty
011 559 4156
D 509
Anthropology and Development Studies
Annamarie Van Tonder
011 559 6377
Charlene Louw
011 559 3259
A 609
Religion Studies
No secretary
011 559 2809
Head of School: Communication
Phumzile Sibeko
011 559 1569
Strategic Communication
Sinakho Ncongwane
011 559 4327
Communication Studies
Thembile Gumbi
011 559 4526
B 605
Journalism Film and Television
Nosi Seranyane
011 559 2063
B 719
Sithembile Thusi
011 559 2001
A 242
Historical Studies
Nicolene Marks
011 559 2337
B  603
Rae Israel
011 559 2896
B 263
Politics and International Relations
Vinah Adonis
011 559 3123
C 421
Anita Smyth
011 559 3653
C 421
Nicolene Teixeira
011 559 2804
C 6
Social Work
Bonnie Moagi
011 559 2879
C 634
Zoliswa Ntsoko
011 559 1904
Centre for Social Development in Africa
Thembeka Somtseu
011 559 1999
Shafieqah Hutton
011 559 1909
Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE)
Yasmin Sibran
011 559 2716
Sarchi Chair: African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
Craig Solomons
011 559 4251
Sarchi Chair: Social Change
Mandy Skietekat
011 559 1938
Palaeo Research Institute
Tara Kok
011 559 4220
Hampotn Ave.
Multilingual Language Services Office
Joy Mosia
011 559 4785
C 237
Head of Faculty Admin