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2019/20/21 Journal Publications

L Hazell, H Lawrence, H Friedrich-NelSimulation based learning to facilitate clinical readiness in diagnostic radiography. A meta-synthesishttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.radi.2020.03.006
PM Maina, JA Motto, LJ HazellInvestigation of radiation protection and safety measures in Rwandan public hospitals: Readiness for the implementation of the new regulations


KM Sethole, E Rudman, LJ HazellMethods used by general practitioners to interpret chest radiographs at district hospitals in the city of Tshwane, South Africadoi: 10.1016/j.jmir.2019.12.010.

L Van Der Westhuizen, K Naidoo

Y Casmod, S Mdletshe

A Qualitative Approach to Understanding the Effects of a Caring

Relationship Between the Sonographer and Patient

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 51 (2020) S53-S58


L van der Westhuizen 1,

K Naidoo 2, Y Casmod 1, S Mdlethse 3


Sonographers’ experiences of being a caring professional within private practice in the province of Gauteng


https://doi.org/10.4102/ hsag.v25i0.1409


S.E. Mashiane 1,

B van Dyk 1,

Y Casmod 1

Ultrasound biosafety: Knowledge and opinions of health practitioners who perform obstetric scans in South Africahttps://doi.org/ 10.4102/hsag.v24i0.1028
C Janse van Vuuren, B Van Dyk, P. L. MokoenaOvercoming Communication Barriers in A Multi-Cultural Radiography Settinghttps://ujcontent.uj.ac.za/vital/access/services/Download/uj:40579/SOURCE1.


2017/18/19 Journal Publications

​TB Mahlaola & B van Dyk.Reasons for Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) data security breaches intentional versus non-intentional breaches.

S.Lewis, T. Pieterse, H. Lawrence.

Retrospective evaluation of exposure indicators: a pilot study of exposure technique in digital radiography.

A Louw

Mammographers and equitable breast imaging in South Africa.

​TB Mahlaola & B van Dyk.

Password compliance for PACS work stations: implications for emergency-driven medical environments.

S.Lewis, T. Pieterse, H. Lawrence.

Evaluating the use of exposure indicators in digital x-ray imaging system: Gauteng South Africa.

A LouwDecolonisation and cognitive justice imperatives in health sciences related research supervision.

P.Ramashia, Dr H.Lawrence & F.Bhyat.

Lived experiences of mine workers with cancer.

A.M. Karodia, S.Lewis, X. Linganiso.

Investigatingemployee perceptions of performance management at the department of radiologyin a public hospital in Gauteng.

F.Bhyat & Dr. H.Lawrence.

Fatigue in Cancer Patients Receiving Radical Anti -Cancer Treatments

N. Moolman, F. Mulla & S. Mdletshe.

Radiographer knowledge and practice of paediatric radiation dose protocols in digital radiography in Gauteng.

Y Casmod, B Van Dyk & E Nicolaou.
Uterine artery Doppler screening as a predictor of pre-eclampsia.

A Louw

High fidelity simulation training in radiography (book chapter)