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Environmental Health is a health discipline that focuses on the prevention and control of physical, chemical and biological hazards harmful to human health. The Department offers a four year Bachelor of Environmental Health and an online Masters of Public Health programme. Both qualification emphasizes the importance of environmental health and public health within the overall framework of the Health system, however at an undergraduate level (analytical and investigative) and a postgraduate level (research and critique).

Environmental Health Practitioners deal with elements of safety, health and the suitability of various environments. These include, among others, industrial / housing developments waste management, water services, pest control, food and transport safety, tourism and leisure, pollution control as well as general research and development elements. EHPs identify, evaluate, control and where necessary research the possible sources of health risks in the environment. Read more…

The phasing out of the Diploma qualification will follow the rules and regulations of the University of Johannesburg. According to the institutional rules and regulations, it allows for a minimum of three years for one to complete the Diploma after registration, and a maximum of five years. That means, for example, the students who registered in 2016 will have until 2020 to complete their Diploma.

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