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Programme Duration 

  • Full-time: Minimum 4 years and Maximum 6 years
  • NQF Level 8, 480 Credits


The purpose of the BEH programme is to produce graduates who have a systematic and coherent body of knowledge to apply principles and practices of Environmental Health; the ability to access and evaluate scientific information and have a high level of analytical, cognitive and generic skills; To provide graduates opportunities for continued personal intellectual growth, advancing with postgraduate study, contributing to the social upliftment of society constructively; To provide society with graduates who demonstrate initiative and responsibility; be involve in science and research development; to transform the leadership base in South Africa and conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner both in the workplace and society as required by the HPCSA.


1. Integrate and apply foundational, scientific principles and knowledge to Environmental Health sciences. [Range of scientific principles and knowledge includes, but is not limited to Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Mathematics, Ecology/Geology, Anatomy and Physiology (human and animal), Sociology and Anthropology;
2. Manage Environmental Health programmes that are not limited to environmental health risks, health impact assessments but rather on the prevention, promotion within natural, socio-economic, built and working environments within the scope of the profession. [Range: manage refers to: design, develop, implement and evaluate];
3. Demonstrate project management skills within a project management life-cycle;
4. Conduct and participate in Environmental Health research.
5. Demonstrate interpersonal relations and professional behavior in terms of the ethical code.

Rules of Access and Admission Requirements

1. The admission requirements for this programme will adhere to the University of Johannesburg’s Policy for Admission and Selection, which is current at the time of the inception of this programme.
2. A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification at an equivalent standard as determined by a Faculty Status Committee, with the following Subjects:

  • Mathematics at NQF Level 4: NSC achievement rating of (50-59%)
  • Life Sciences at NQF Level 4: NSC achievement rating of (50-59%)
  • Physical Science at NQF Level 4: NSC achievement rating of (50-59%).
  • Any other two (2) subjects at level 4

A National Senior Certificate (NSC) – APS Score with minimum requirements as shown below: (Exclude Life Orientation when calculating APS)

Minimum APS: 24

  • Language of teaching and Learning (English): 4
  • Mathematics: 4
  • Mathematical Literacy: Not Accepted
  • Physical Sciences: 4
  • Life Sciences: 4