​Colloquium on Energy for the Gauteng Megacity Region

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Uj Peets Events 2019 Energy Colloquium

EnerKey#- five years after! – An Integrated Energy and Climate Concept for the City Region of Gauteng – Status, prospects and impacts of an integrated energy supply and climate protection concept in Gauteng – lessons learnt and possible way ahead.”

This colloquium took the form of a series of presentations, retrospective and prospective, on the state of energy in the Gauteng City Region and South Africa. Speakers have been invited from persons or institutions that were involved in the EnerKey project. Specifically, voice will be given to individuals whose careers were advanced through German-South African collaborations, and who may thereby act as role models for engagement of a new generation of students to participate in partnership activities.

The one-day colloquium at the Goethe Institute, Johannesburg had four objectives:

  • Celebrate decades long collaboration in the fields of energy and the environment between South Africa and Germany, specifically by reflecting on the bi-lateral EnerKey# Project (204-2013) between key partners IER, University of Stuttgart and the University of Johannesburg.
  • Discuss the status and prospects for renewable energy, energy efficiency and implications for climate protection in Gauteng Megacity Region and South Africa, considering opportunities for continuing collaboration between Germany and South Africa.
  • Acknowledge the key role played by the Goethe Institute in fostering cultural, educational and economic ties between the two countries.
  • Provide a platform to facilitate collaborations between South Africa and Germany, specifically to raise awareness of joint educational opportunities through funding mechanisms of the two governments and independent foundations.

# Energy as a Key Element of an Integrated Climate Protection for the City Region of Gauteng