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Short Learning Programmes

Mining and Minerals Business and Technology Overview (MMBTO)

The Mining Minerals Business and Technology Overview (MMBTO) is a very popular Short Learning Programme (SLP) offered by the Department. This SLP is normally offered as a high level introduction course to persons from different academic backgrounds entering the mining environment for the first time. The SLP covers all the fundamental aspects and terminology of the South African mining environment. Although not commodity specific, the SLP uses narrow-tabular gold mining as the basis of introducing mining concepts. The SLP covers the entire mining value chain from exploration, reserve declaration, mine planning, mining and beneficiation to customer. The SLP can be taylor made according to specific requirements.

Gyroscopic Surveying, Calibration and Network Alignment Techniques

The aim of the Gyroscopic Surveying Techniques Short Learning Programme is to familiarize mine surveyors currently employed in the mining industry with the instruments and techniques used for gyroscopic surveying. The SLP is designed to give the student a brief overview of gyroscopic principles and the application of these principles in the observations and calculations for the establishment of gyroscope surveying in the mining industry. This SLP is aimed at recent graduates and candidates to the GCC examinations and requires a significant level of assumed competency, work experience, skills and subject knowledge from potential students.

The SLP is focused on practical surveying observations and will be split between classroom tutorials and practical work on the grounds of the campus. All students will be expected to display familiarity with the instruments and procedures and demonstrate the correct techniques for surveying by the end of the course. It is preferred that student bring their own instrument to the course to improve familiarity of the operation of the instrument. The SLP is informally structured in order to make optimal use of the equipment and weather conditions during the time available. Students will obtain maximum benefit from the course if they actively participate in all activities and share their own experiences in the field with the group.

Government Certificate of Competency Coaching

This Short Learning programme is tailored to meet various aspects of the Government Certificate of Competency for Mine Managers and Mine Surveyors. Refresher training and examination preparation includes subjects such as Mine Legislation, Mine Surveying,  Mine Valuation and basic geostatistical evaluation techniques. This course is aimed at recent graduates and candidates to the GCC examinations and requires a significant level of assumed competency, work experience, skills and subject knowledge from potential students.

Laser scanning methodology, workflow and data management

This Short Learning programme is under development. This SLP will focus on developing the skills required to develop a monitoring system and workflow process to scan structures and manage the resultant point clouds of information generated by laser scanning to be used in 3D printing, Building Information Management, Mine Information Management, heritage preservation and for photogrammetrical purposes.”

Data capture using Remotely Operated Vehicles.

This Short Learning programme is under development. This SLP will focus on developing the skills required to plan, operate and manage the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Terrestrial Vehicles and Unmanned Remotely operated Underwater vehicles. Content will include ensuring sufficient and accurate control points, photogrammetry techniques, navigation alignment methods and data workflow. Remotely Piloted Aerial and Terrestrial systems (RPATS).

Introduction to Deformation Monitoring techniques for Mining

This Short Learning programme is under development. The SLP in Deformation Monitoring is developed in response to a request from the Mining Industry Liaison committee and service providers to offer a short learning programme in deformation monitoring techniques, methods and instrumentation. Deformation monitoring of structures potentially affected by mining activities is becoming essential to the daily operation requirements of mining companies. The monitoring of structures are required in accordance with the Mine Health and Safety Act as well as individual corporate Standards and Procedures. Areas where mining have taken place and have become occupied by informal settlements for part of the scope of this course. It is envisioned that this Short Learning Programme may provide essential skills and information to Mine Surveyors, Geotechnical engineers, Mining Engineers and other professional persons responsible for monitoring activities within their environment. The course will have a broad range of professional participation internationally, but with specific emphasis on African mining operations in order to ensure the safe, sustainable extraction of minerals. The participants in the SLP in Deformation monitoring will include standards and policy developers in government or corporate settings, technical managers, engineers, surveyors, geologists and other professionals in order for them to develop and implement more effective policies that are aligned with economic, social and environmental development imperatives of their respective countries.


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