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The Technology Education Unit led by Dr Francois van As continue to impress with innovations in the field of Technology Education and continuing professional development (CPTD) of Technology teachers, and probably has the best programme for this kind of training in the country. They also have strong links in industry, and have obtained several sponsorships from national and international companies for the Technology Education Catalyst Project. This project is aimed at providing learning and teaching support material as well as CPTD for teachers to schools who cannot afford it. Different from the other fields of study, both the academic subjects and methodologies for Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Phase are offered by the technology group including Prof Piet Ankiewicz and Mr Werner Engelbrecht. All practical work related to the training of teachers are facilitated at TechnEd that includes workshops, a computer centre, seminar facilities and a resource centre.


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Mr Werner Engelbrecht​
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