Introducing the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management


Who are we?

Today’s challenging work context with its unprecedented demands requires People Professionals who are outstanding leaders, both professionally and organisationally. As leaders in their own right, People Professionals must be able to discover possible futures and to realise a shared, chosen desirable future for their organisa​tions with and by their people.

In an intellectual capital-based world where 85% plus of organisations’ assets are intangible, people have taken centre stage in ensuring the sustainable future success of their organisations. People probably make up 70% of the intangible assets of an organisation. People fulfil the undisputable central role of value unlockers and wealth creators in their organisation’s future success.

What is our offering?

The Department has a comprehensive offering at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both in traditional university qualifications and professional development opportunities, as illustrated below. Our respective Programmes and Qualifications are linked to form interconnected career paths. Brochures for specific qualifications are available.

Our comprehensive offering comprises four major programmes: Industrial Psychology; Human Resource Management (HRM); and Short Learning Programmes. All our postgraduate programmes require that the student conduct in-depth research.

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The mission of the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management is to develop outstanding People Professionals, up to the critical leadership task of making their organisations and people future fit as they move into a radically different future. The Department is independently acknowledged by the South African Board for People Practices as offering one of the best Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Psychology (IP) Programmes in South Africa – not least because of our cutting-edge research into pressing people issues.

Strategic positioning

In moving into a different future, our Department has adopted the following strategic positioning, infused by the overarching strategic theme of “Be the Best”:

  • Globally engaged: Thinking globally and acting locally
  • An emerging country/economy perspective
  • Thought leadership fusing Theory and Practice seamlessly
  • High profile, strong seamless partnering
  • Articulated, integrated research/practice based, teaching and learning
  • Relentless innovation
  • The development of top researchers and practitioners
  • An uncompromising ethical foundation

Ultimate dream

Our ultimate dream is to be globally recognised as Thought Leaders in our field with a visible, unique, academic footprint in the emerging countries’ niche, especially in Africa.