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Undergraduate Programmes

BCom Information Systems Brochure

The purpose of this programme is to strengthen and deepen the student’s knowledge and to develop the student’s applied competence in analysing, interpreting and understanding of information systems development processes, principles and methods. It further develops the intellectual independence, research and professional skills of the student. The qualification prepares students to meaningfully contribute to organisations’ information systems development, acquisition, utilisation and quality thereof.

Advanced Diploma Business Information Technology Brochure
The aim of this qualification is to provide students with knowledge and skills to develop software solutions to solve business problems effectively using the latest technologies.

Diploma Business Information Technology Brochure
This programme provides a business perspective of information systems, and stresses how information systems can be used to improve the planning and running of businesses. The programme introduces students to the theoretical and practical basics of business and information systems. It investigates the use of information technology and communication technology as well as their convergence to support business information systems. The nature and value of information as well as the impact of Internet technology on organisations and society are also considered

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Postgraduate Programmes

BCom Honours Information Systems Brochure

The purpose of the qualification and programme is to advance the competencies of the learner aiming to or already working in a variety of business settings that use and rely on computerised technologies and information systems to accomplish business goals. The qualification equips the student with hands on technical, predictive and analytical skills as well as research and decision-making skills anchored on organisational principles and the technology of systems. Graduates of this qualification should be able to meet that the continuing and changing business and technology needs, by planning for and implementing information systems at workplaces, dealing with people, business procedures towards meaningful participation in the management of information systems.

MCom IT Management Brochure
The purpose of the programme is to develop the applied competence of student on an advanced (executive) level in the mastering, analysis, interpretation and understanding of IT Management principles and methods. Through a full Masters dissertation, the student will show evidence of scientific research and the ability to reflect thereon in the holistic context of IT Management. The programme will assist in the continuing professional development of experience and senior managers and leaders will be enhanced for both South African delegates and, increasingly, promote the development of IT Management skills for students and executive delegates which both local and international context.

​​PHD IT Management Brochure

Through the doctoral thesis, in which the qualification finally culminates, a qualifying student would show evidence of independent and original scientific work. The thesis would constitute a decided contribution to the knowledge of and insight into the subject discipline as well as the field of research. Qualifying students would display applied competence in research methodology, and the proper written and/or oral communication in the research process and findings. The student should be able to reflect on his/her research decisions and applications to assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of research in the information technology management industry.

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Short Courses

(Also known as Short Learning Programmes (SLP) or Continuing Education Programmes (CEPs) )

Computational Intelligence SLP Brochure
The purpose of this SLP is to provide students who possess a Bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science or Information Systems, Statistics or related fields with an opportunity to obtain higher-level hands-on practical knowledge and skills that are required by the industry. In addition, this will enable them to understand the concept of computational intelligence in tandem with trends in data science. Furthermore, it will help them to understand the key drivers in computational intelligence.

End User Computing SLP Brochure

The purpose of this module is to introduce the learner to basic IT (Information Technology) terminology, basic computer components, common functions of a Personal Computer (PC), and the operating system. Also an introduction to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. The learner will be able to use applications such as Word Processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database to solve business problems.

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Masters & PhD Supervisors

Please refer to the individual staff profiles for specific research areas of potential supervisors.

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