What the UJ Marketing Graduates say​

Don't listen to us, hear it  from the UJ Marketing graduates! 

Patrick Mahlangu

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"I hold a BCom (Hons) in Marketing Management and MCom in Business Management with specialisation in Marketing degrees. Obtaining the Mcom unlocked so many opportunities for me and allowed me to dab into both the academic and corporate fields."  

Employment: Founder of PatonBrands and Social Media Manager at the Brave Group

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Philip Hendry

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"I completed both my degrees, BCom Marketing Management and BCom Marketing Management (Honours) at the University of Johannesburg in 2017. These courses gave me the ability to fit seamlessly into the working world and operate at a level beyond what most people would have expected from me. I was taught  to think practically to solve real-life marketing problems, developed the ability to work in large teams, present to a group of my peers and was given the opportunity to work hand in hand with large corporations, exposing me to the working world. These degrees continue to give me the upper-hand in the working world and the prestige of both the programme and the University have been major driving factors in me gaining employment in large organisations." – Philip Hendry

Employment: Runs his own digital marketing agency - Co. Media Digital. Before this, he worked as an Assistant Brand manager at Tiger Brands

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Aobakwe Ledikwe

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"I successfully completed a Masters degree in Marketing Management with a distinction, following my acceptance into the programme in 2016. This was a rewarding moment as I fulfilled one of personal goals of raising my family name higher through possessing such a prestigious qualification and I strongly believe this will magnify my future prospects of being an academic and therefore open doors for more in the near future." – Aobakwe Ledikwe  

Employment: Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management, University of Johannesburg

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Lesego Mothwa

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"I completed the Advanced Diploma in Retailing in 2018. Completing this qualification prepared me to be ready for the outside world. I believe I have acquired very valuable knowledge that could be of great use once I start working. I am currently enrolled in the BCom Honours in Marketing Management at UJ." – Lesogo Mothwa

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Tamara Francis

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Master of Commerce in Business Management, specialising in Marketing; University of Johannesburg, 2017, Honours in Corporate Communication; University of Johannesburg, 2011 and National Diploma in Public Relations Management; University of Johannesburg, 2007. 

"Studying the MCom has awarded me progression with my career and opened a new world of opportunities. On a personal level, the journey of my MCom has taught me discipline, focus and helped me to gain confidence in my field of expertise, which is Marketing." – Tamara Francis  

Employment: Marketing Coordinator, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

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Dr Reaan Immelman

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Completed a PhD in Marketing Management, University of Johannesburg. "It almost seems impossible until it's done. I learned to master the skill of time management, which is essential in my work environment and personal life, and I obtained crucial specialist skills that I require in my industry." – Reaan Immelman  

Employment: Absa: General Manager – Education and Skills

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More quotes from our Graduates

"The UJ Honours course and lecturers are world-class..." - Divan Botha (Television                     presenter: KykNet(Winslyn) and owner of The  Whippet

"The honours degree prepared me to work well in​ a team within the workplace.- Deidre Dekker (Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at Rooi Rose)

"The value added by doing an Honors degree at UJ to that of other institutions is far superior." - Karel Viviers (Trade Executive at Reckitt Benckiser) 

"The one-on-one attention received from my lecturers while completing my Masters degree is unrivalled. Their every endeavour and unwavering commitment to my personal development ultimately contributes to driving my success.- Candice Burin (Marketing Specialist at the Kelly Group)


"The PhD degree distinguishes you from other graduates and develops your research skills and writing skills. My promotor's contributed extensively to my personal development." - Dr Bennie Fourie (Associate at Blue Platinum Consulting) 

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