​​​​STH Research and Affiliation

STH is a significant contributor to the College of Business and Economics research output and hosts one of South Africa's Top 100 researchers: Professor Christian Rogerson - A-rated researcher.


In-House Research Expertise  

As a School we are proud also boast high-level research expertise amongst our academic staff. To view the list of our academic staff and areas of research expertise Click Here  

Research Collaborations and Partnerships  

We continue to expand our local, Pan-African and international research partnerships through the appointment of senior research associates. To date, the STH has affiliations with a total of 45 research associates from over 30 universities globally.  These include: 


Food Evolution Research Lab (FERL)  
This is essentially your go-to guide to direct and influence the thinking, choices and decisions built around health and nutrition. Established in partnership with Penn State University, the lab conducts research that is aimed at improving decision making towards healthier food choices that will lead to healthier lifestyles. Click Here for more