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Research & Projects

All ongoing and completed PEERC Projects can be found here

Putting People in the "People's" Parliament
Scaling up inclusive participation in South African Legislatures to enhance democratic oversight. An EU funded project with PEERC being one of 5 co-applicants.

Further Evidence on The Debate to shake off the Sout African Water Pricing Sytem in collaboration with the Water Research Commision 
Project intends to access the performance of the current water pricing model against the new alternative pricing model in South Africa and suggest the ideal water pricing model suitbale for implementation in the country. 

Investigate and analyse the impacts of the 0.5% global limits on the maximum sulphur content allowed in bunker oil- Research study conducted for the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)
introduced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on vessel use in South Africa. The ultimate impact of this regulation on trade in South Africa and the overall economy will also be quantified.