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The Division of Academic Development and Support (ADS) comprises multiple initiatives with the overall purpose of providing the best possible academic experience for undergraduate students in South Africa, and consequently of maximising retention, success and throughput. Our focus is on contributing substantially to the reduction of dropouts, and to improve the module pass rate and the degree throughput rate. The intellectual, professional and personal development of our students is entrusted into our care, and it is our responsibility to provide cutting-edge interventions. These include psychosocial support initiatives to stabilise and enrich the personal environment of the students, academic support initiatives to maximise learning opportunities, and initiatives to deepen and broaden the pervasive and sophisticated use of academic technologies. We strive to become a leader and pioneer of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in terms of teaching and learning. The opportunities and effects of 4IR are foregrounded in the learning experience, to maximise participation and agency. Our collective institutional goal is to develop graduates who are confident and passionate – as intellectuals, professionals, ethical and responsible citizens, and innovators. Click here for more on ADS

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ADS Centres

Centre for Academic Technologies (CAT)

CAT supports innovative and evolving technologies for teaching and learning by encouraging the smart use of academic technologies.

Academic Development Centre (ADC)

ADC strives to provide theoretically based, and practical interventions and developmental opportunities to both academic staff and students.

Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD)

PsyCaD provides services to students, staff and external clients at the University of Johannesburg. PsyCaD provides a variety of services including counselling, career guidance and assessment. 

Short Learning Programmes

African Insights


An introduction to the intellectual traditions and debates in Africa.

Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR


An introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), its applications, and its implications for society and the future of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).