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Prof Kevin Nell

Prof Kevin Nell
​College of Business and Economics
School of Economics Academic Staff
Associate Professor

Contact Details
31 Henley Road, Auckland Park
+27(0)11 559 7459
Auckland Park Campus

Highest qualificationPhD in Economics, University of Kent (UK)
Lecturing: Modules with short descriptionMacroeconomic Issues in Development (MAD9X02)
M.Com in Development Economics
Topics in Macroeconomic Issues (MND9X02)
M.Phil in Industrial Policy
Field(s) of researchMacroeconomics, growth economics, structural change, developing countries
List of publicationsMain Journal Publications

Nell, K.S. (2015). "The Complementary Nature between Technological Progress and Capital Accumulation in India's Long-Run Growth Transitions", Metroeconomica, 66(4), pp. 565-605. 

Nell, K.S. (2013). "An Alternative Explanation of India's Growth Transition: a demand-side hypothesis", Cambridge Journal of Economics, 37, pp. 113-141.

Nell, K.S. (2012). "Demand-Led versus Supply-Led Growth Transitions", Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 34, pp. 713-748.

Nell, K.S. and Santos Luis Delfim (2008). "The Feldstein-Horioka Hypothesis versus the Long-run Solvency Constraint Model: a critical assessment", Economics Letters, 2008, 98, pp. 66-70.

Nell, K.S. (2006). "Structural Change and Non-linearities in a Phillips curve model for South Africa", Contemporary Economic Policy, 24, pp. 600-617.

De Mello M.M. and Nell, K.S. (2005). "The Forecasting Ability of a Cointegrated VAR System of the UK Tourism Demand for France, Spain and Portugal", Empirical Economics, 2005, 30, pp. 277-308.

Nell, K.S. (2004). "The Structuralist Theory of Imported Inflation: An Application to South Africa", Applied Economics, 2004, 36, pp. 1431-1444.

Nell, K.S. (2003). "A 'Generalised' Version of the Balance-of-Payments Growth Model: An Application to Neighbouring Regions", International Review of Applied Economics, 2003, 17, pp. 249-267.

Nell, K.S. (2003). "The Stability of M3 Money Demand and Monetary Growth Targets: The Case of South Africa", Journal of Development Studies, 2003, 39, pp. 154-180.

Nell, K.S. (2001). "The Endogenous/ Exogenous Nature of South Africa's Money Supply Under Direct and Indirect Monetary Control Measures", Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Winter 2000/2001, 23, pp.311-327.

Other Journal/Magazine Articles

Elhiraika, A. and Nell, K.S. (1996). "High Real Interest Rate Policy and Economic Growth in South Africa: Is there a Conflict of Objectives?", African Journal of Economic Policy, 3(2), 1996, pp. 1-24.

Nell, K.S. (2003). "Long-run Exogeneity Between Saving and Investment: Evidence From South Africa". A summary version of this paper was published in Trade & Industry Policy Monitor, 2003, March vol. 25. See (  

Contributions in Edited Books

Nell, K.S. (2004). "A 'Generalised' Version of the Balance-of-Payments Growth Model: An Application to Neighbouring Regions", Reprinted In: J.S.L McCombie and A.P. Thirlwall (eds.), Essays on Balance-of-Payments Constrained Growth: Theory and Evidence, Routledge, London, Spring 2004.

Mlambo, K. and Nell, K.S. (2000). "Public Policy and Private Investment in South Africa: An Empirical Investigation", In: I. Elbadawi and T. Hartzenberg (eds.), Development Issues in South Africa, Macmillan, London, 2000.