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About UJ Alumni Chapters

An alumni chapter is a regional, town or city-based group of University of Johannesburg alumni who want to formalise their relationship with UJ. Any verified alumnus may volunteer to convene a chapter.

Chapters coordinate and provide opportunities for alumni to socialise and network. They organise their local alumni and keep them connected to UJ. The alumni chapters are the official contact with the UJ Alumni Office and UJ. Ideally, convenors execute the maintenance of their respective UJ alumni chapters with the guidance of the UJ alumni chapter guidelines that the alumni office has produced. The UJ Alumni Office provides communications and administrative support to chapter convenors.

How to start – volunteering to be a convenor

The convenor of an alumni chapter should have the following characteristics:

• Willingness to work with the University
• Willingness to contribute time
• Enthusiasm
• Ability to motivate and engage alumni

Successful alumni chapters base their programme on a mixture of activities. Allow the opportunity for as many people as possible to contribute. Key activities of a chapter include but are not limited to:

• organising multiple events or activities a year to which all alumni in the region are invited
• acting as a contact point for UJ in their country or region
• offering informal advice to alumni moving into their area
• acting as a local contact point for UJ e.g. offering advice to members of staff and faculty about where to stay or hold meetings when visiting their area

If you are looking to establish an alumni chapter in your region, please click here or you can contact the UJ alumni office at

All UJ Alumni that would like to connect with us on a digital platform, they can do so at, on this UJ alumni connect platform, alumni can network with other alumni, offer mentoring services, receive mentorship and connect with UJ in a unique way.

To stay in touch with us at the alumni office and receive important communications from us, please update your contact details by clicking here. 

UJ alumni chapters


Local Chapters

Gauteng Chapter

Convenor: Mr Chiponosyo Longwe
Convenor: Mr Masai Buthane (Co-Convener)
Convenor: Mr Alliance Ndlovu (Co-Converner)

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Western Cape Chapter

Convenor: Kabelo Mashile

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International Chapters

USA Chapter

Convenor: Mr Len Wolman

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Zimbabwe Chapter

Convenor: Dr Trust Nhubu, PhD

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Ghana Chapter

Convenors: Dr Akwasi Amoako-Gyampah & Dr Edwin Coleman

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UK Chapter


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