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UJ Alumni affinity groups

An Affinity group is a group formed by either an alumnus or a faculty on the basis of mutual collaboration, similar subject matter or affiliation. Alumni who participate in an affinity group are those who want to formalise their relationship with UJ. Any verified alumnus may volunteer to convene an Affinity Group.
Affinity groups gather UJ alumni and provide opportunities for alumni to socialize and network based on subject matter.
Affinity groups are one of the touch points alumni connect with their alma mater.
Ideally affinity group convenors execute the maintenance of their respective UJ alumni affinity groups with the guidance of the UJ alumni affinity group guidelines that the alumni office has produced. The UJ Alumni Office provides communications and administrative support to affinity group convenors.

How to start – volunteering to be a convenor of an Affinity group

The convenor of an alumni affinity group should have the following characteristics:

• Willingness to work with the University
• Willingness to contribute time
• Enthusiasm
• Ability to motivate and engage alumni

Think about what type of activities you are hoping to organize as an affinity group convenor. Successful alumni affinity groups base their programmes on a mixture of activities based on subject matter. Allow the opportunity for as many people as possible to contribute. Key activities of an affinity group include but are not limited to:

• organising multiple events or activities a year to which all alumni in the affinity group are invited
• acting as a contact point for UJ for the alumni within their affinity group

If you are looking to establishing an alumni affinity group, please contact the UJ alumni office on

UJ alumni affinity groups

STH Affinity group

Convenor – Ms Kagiso Mosue

AIS Affinity group

Convenors – Prof Roelin Brink and Dr Stella Bvuma

Mining Engineering & Mine Surveying Affinity group

Convenor – Ms Precious Maputla

Commercial Accounting Affinity groups

Convenors – Ms Lulama Boyce and Ms Relebohiseng Matubatuba

School of Management Affinity groups


Department of Business Management − Mr Thabiso Ntando

Department of Finance and Investment Management – Ms Nompilo Msibi

Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management – Dr Cookie Govender

Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management – Mr Kevin Motshwanedi