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Our Focus


  • Promote the implementation of gender agenda initiatives (incl. LGBTIQ+ and GBV) support and prevention programmes in the University for staff and students.
  • Monitor and evaluate gender agenda interventions and the impact in UJ as an institution of higher education.
  • Address how sexual and gender-based violence intersects with other aspects of identities, including race, sexual orientation, social class, etc.
  • Ensure that constant and effective awareness is taking place through a comprehensive communication strategy.


  • Manage the reporting of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment, and all forms of discrimination.
  • Develop systems for reporting any incidents of discrimination.
  • Provide emergency assistance for rape and sexual assault survivors in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide effective support, advice, and assistance to both complainants and respondents.
  • Provide mediation services, assistance and support in student tribunals and disciplinary hearings.


  • Ensure that prevention programmes and communication strategies regarding LGBTIQ+ and GBV&F are grounded in research (data-driven approach) and best practice.
  • Research, apply and promote gender initiatives and share best practice.
  • Translate gender equity legislation into practice to ensure UJ meets statutory requirements.
  • Write, implement, and review policy at an institutional level.

Gender Equity Unit focus pillars

Gender Equity Unit Focus Pillars

Awareness materials

Gender Equity I Am Here For You

Gender Equity Rape Culture

Gender Equity Cyber Banner

Gender Equity Lives Poster

Gender Equity

Policy and framework

Support Structures


  • Transformation Division – Gender Equity Unit: you can also report cases to Fhatuwani Ligege ( or ( or call: 011 559 4311 (During working hours).
  • Protection Services: APK 011 559 2555/3400 | APB 011 559 1312/1076 | DFC 011 559 6085 | SWC 011 559 5555. (During working hours, after hours and on weekend and holidays)
  • Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD): I 24‑hour Crisis Line: 082 054 1137
  • Campus Health: APK 011 559 3837 I APB 011 559 1238 I DFC 011 559 6544 I SWC 011 559 5571 (During working hours)
  • CAREWAYS: 0800004770 (for UJ staff)
  • Employee Relations and Wellness: 011 559 4032
  • Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS: 011 559 1088;


  • GBV Command Centre: 0800 428 428; Please call *120*7867#; SMS help 31531
  • Netcare Milpark Hospital: 011 480 6300
  • SAPS: 10111
  • National Shelter Movement of South Africa:

Namola Get Help

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Videos on Gender Based Violence

Episode 1: Professor Corne Davis

Episode 2: Mr Jentley

Episode 3: Mr Fhatuwani Ligege