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Energy-Efficient Renovations and Buildings Policies and Documents

UJ Energy, Resource, Waste and Sustainability (ERWSus) Policy

UJ Campuses Maintenance Policy and Procedure Manual

Refer to pages 5, 8 and 10 of the UJ Campuses Maintenance Policy and Procedure Manual:

Page 5 (point 4.3.):

“In terms of building standards used to determine the occupancy readiness of any building the SA National Building standards and the City of Johannesburg Building standards for occupancy will apply and be used to determine maintenance effectiveness.”

Page 8 (point 4.9.):

“It is the responsibility of the Maintenance Division to ensure any building used by staff or students or the public as visitors to the institution meets the relevant building standards (see paragraph 4.3) before it may be re-occupied.” 

Page 10 (point 4.15.):

“In any case where there is a conflict between two or more standards the more restrictive of the standards will be applied – but in all cases the minimum requirement is that the SA National Building standards are applied. “

UJ Spatial Development Framework (SDF)

UJ Sustainability Report

UJ follows the South African National Standards (SANS) on energy efficiency and energy usage in buildings as outlined in the documents and building regulations below.

Energy Efficiency Standards for Buildings:
South African National Standards (SANS) – National Building Regulations (NBR)

South African National Standards (SANS): Energy Efficiency in Buildings

South African National Standards (SANS): Energy Usage in Buildings

Other Relevant and Related Documents

National Energy Efficiency Strategy

National Department of Public Works (DPW) Green Building Policy

Regional City of Johannesburg (CoJ) Green Building Policy