Waste disposal policy: hazardous materials

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Waste Disposal Policies and Procedures for Hazardous Materials

UJ Waste Management Policy

Refer to pages 6 and 7 of the UJ Waste Management Policy on hazardous waste:

Page 6 (point 8.3):

“Provide generators and transporters with guidelines and graded minimum requirements so that waste, and in particular Hazardous Waste can be effectively controlled from generation until safe disposal.”

Page 7 (point 8.5):

Waste contractors transporting hazardous waste will be required to provide UJ with a route risk analysis and waste manifest procedures detailing the transportation, type of waste disposed of, quantities disposed of, and how and where the waste was disposed of.

A safe disposal certificate will be issued to UJ by the contractor that will be kept on file.”

UJ Hazardous Substances Policies and Procedures

UJ Energy, Resource, Waste and Sustainability (ERWSus) Policy