Waste disposal policy: hazardous materials

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Waste Disposal Policies and Procedures for Hazardous Materials

UJ Waste Management Policy

Refer to pages 6 and 7 of the UJ Waste Management Policy on hazardous waste:

Page 6 (point 8.3):

“Provide generators and transporters with guidelines and graded minimum requirements so that waste, and in particular Hazardous Waste can be effectively controlled from generation until safe disposal.”

Page 7 (point 8.5):

Waste contractors transporting hazardous waste will be required to provide UJ with a route risk analysis and waste manifest procedures detailing the transportation, type of waste disposed of, quantities disposed of, and how and where the waste was disposed of.

A safe disposal certificate will be issued to UJ by the contractor that will be kept on file.”

UJ Hazardous Substances Policies and Procedures