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Ethical Sourcing Policies

UJ Procurement Policy

Refer to page 12 (point 5.3) of the UJ Procurement Policy:

5.3  Environmental Conscientious Principles

Environmental conscientious principles shall be considered alongside economic and ethical principles.

5.3.1  Consideration shall be given to:

a) The procurement of products containing materials produced in a sustainable manner and/or reconditioned or recycled components.

b) Use of suppliers who offer product stewardship, i.e., suppliers who are willing to recollect products at the end of their life cycle.

c) Preference for goods that are more energy-efficient and cause less pollution.

d) Preference to those suppliers that minimise their energy consumption and adverse environmental impact, especially those with a certified environmental management system.”

UJ Energy, Resource, Waste and Sustainability (ERWSus) Policy

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