The unit acts as custodian of the Higher Education Data Analyser (HEDA), a portal which makes use of an integrated data warehouse environment which enables user-friendly web reporting and decision support modelling by analysing audited HEMIS and/or operational data. HEMIS data are enriched with an additional 400 variables to accommodate hierarchical reporting. The extraction of these enrichment variables are managed by a structured management process.

The Division, through its Unit for Data Governance and Management, is responsible for providing reports, analyses, information and datasets to Council, Senate, the MEC, the Registrar, individual DVCs, faculties and divisions, and relevant governance committees. The unit also provides data as part of departmental projects, programme and faculty reviews. A critical function is ensuring data integrity and quality, and the consistent use of data categories and definitions across different domains. The provision, governance and analysis of data is core to our work and underpins all our functions.