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Academic Development Innovation

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ADI Academic Development and Innovation (ADI) department of ADC is primarily focused on supporting student success across the university.  ADI consists of two parts namely the Learning Development Unit (LD) and the University of Johannesburg English Language Programme (UJELP).  ADI through its units implements several programmes aimed at enabling undergraduate student success.  These include:

  1. Providing learning development support to undergraduate students through group, face-to-face and online interventions.  This includes focussed interventions for the Priority Modules through the Integrated Student Success Intervention (ISSI)
  2. Reading in the Discipline (RID) which is aimed at improving reading skills of first year students
  3. Student Peer-Mentoring Programme (SPMP) that aims to grow and support the volunteer mentoring culture at UJ
  4. Teaching of the Mastering of Academic and Professional Skills (MAPS) that enables the development of the required skills for first year students in the extended degree programmes

The UJ English Language Programme (UJELP), is an SLP style programme geared towards the development of the English skills of international students from non-English speaking countries.