UJ Technopreneurship

The other programme offered to the SMME’s to help with the small business development is the UJ Technopreneurship.

In line with Industry 4.0, the lecturers from Applied Information Science Faculty (Technopreneurship) were invited to sit as panel, to give entrepreneurs IT related feedback and advice on how they can leverage on technology and be innovative in their businesses. The UJ AIS department has been involved in technological support to SMMEs to address the challenges faced by SMMEs with the current disruption of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). The focus is to ensure that SMMEs are not left behind in this digital technology and provide ICT support for their sustainability and global competetiveness.

The UJ AIS division will offer the following support to the candidates:

  • Technology needs assessment.
  • General ICT e.g. web-design, social media activation etc.
  • Individualised development of technology solutions (Apps) in different sectors for SMMES to be more efficient and effective.
  • Technology solutions implemented in each company.
  • Mentorship and coaching provided to ensure total disruption.