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UJ Supplier management is a division within the UJ Procurement Department that deals mainly with the UJ Supplier Database management and providing support for both suppliers and UJ end-users. To achieve this, we work hard to ensure supplier compliance before being on-boarded to the database. We aim to ensure that the procurement processes with regards to supplier management are being followed and strive to maintain an open and professional relationship with each of the Suppliers (both existing and new) as well as the UJ end-users.

What do we do?

Supplier Management aims to have a wide variety of suppliers on the system that are used for different projects.

1. Supplier vetting

To check and verify the information provided by our suppliers to ensure that they are indeed who they say they are and meet the criteria set out for which suppliers UJ can have on the database.

2. Supplier on-boarding

Once a supplier has been vetted correctly, we then load their information or update the information on the system.

3. Supplier liaisons

We aim to be the first point of contact for the suppliers and to keep engaging them when necessary.

4. Supplier performance management

Managing the performance of the suppliers to ensure that both the end user and the supplier’s needs are taken care of. Providing recommendation letters for the good services the suppliers provide and mediations when end users are unhappy about the service rendered.

5. Enterprise and Supplier Development

The University of Johannesburg supports entrepreneurs by sponsoring suppliers to attend one or both of the programmes it has running from March to November every year.

The UJ Small Business Enrichment Programme (SBEP) is an NQF level 5 accredited programme that aims to provide a guideline for suppliers on how to manage their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Another programme offered by the University is the UJ Technopreneurship certificate that aims to assist suppliers with using technology mainly Information technology to advance their businesses.

Partnerships within UJ

Partnership with the UJ Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE).

The UJ Centre for Entrepreneurship previously the Centre for Small Business Development is implementing an Enterprise Supplier Development training on behalf of the UJ Finance Expenditure department since 2015 academic year. The program, titled Small Business Enrichment Program is a flagship program of the Centre for well over 10 years, and have seen many of the beneficiaries exiting the program with versed business skills.

In May 2019, 115 entrepreneurs graduated for 2018 Small Business Enrichment Programme, after successful completion of the programme; having attended at least 80% of classes and orally presented their business turnaround strategies to a panel of industry experts, the Sponsor (UJ Finance Expenditure) and the Centre.
In line with Industry 4.0, the lecturers from Applied Science Faculty (Technopreneurship) were invited to sit as panel, to give entrepreneurs IT related feedback and advice on how they can leverage on technology and be innovative in their businesses.