Looking down from the mountain top

We stand tall with wings open wide

Awaiting opportunities that our claws will grip

Just like amaQhawe Nama Qhawekazi

E-Ikhayalethu aS’sab’Lutho.


Re bloma re ringa, we understand each other and fede ra shebelana.

Whatever you need retlao shebele if we can.

We are the type to acknowledge everyone.

We stand high because vele asiSab’lutho

We understand each other and we support and look out for each other.


I see you, Brother, I see you, Sister.

We stand high because indeed we are not afraid of anything.


Come stand on our hill, where birds and man can seek refuge

Where leaders dwell and excellence rain

Athi ntshava kambe hi vona thava-thava ya yona.

Kaya rahina ro kufumela hirirhandzo.

So here we are on the top of the hill

Ready to fly.