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Student Affairs comprises two subdivisions and two units, namely, Student Accommodation and Residence Life (SARL) and Student Life and Governance (SLG), Student Ethics and Discipline (SED) and University and Student Liaison (USL).

Student Accommodation and Residence Life (SARL) is responsible for the accommodation of students with a bed capacity of about 33,500 in both university-owned and managed residences as well as accredited Privately Owned Student Accommodation (POSA). UJ residences have 7494 beds whilst POSA yields about 26,000 beds.

SARL has 32 residences and 7 day-houses across the four campuses (APB, APK, DFC and SWC). The accredited Privately-Owned Student Accommodation is also within the vicinity of the nearest campus to where they are located. POSA, which is beyond 2km from the nearest campus provides transport to students staying on its property.

For more information on the offers of the University residences, please refer to the Policy on Admission and Placement of Students in the University Residences. The list of the accredited properties of Privately-Owned Student Accommodation can be found here.