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Name: Venise Joubert
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About Dr Venise Joubert

Venise Joubert is Professional Studies Lecturer at SANTS and Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg. Venise is also acting as a project coordinator as part of the Teaching and Learning in PSET SARChI Chair.

Venise’s research focuses on teaching and curriculum transformation in higher education (HE) and will serve as a postcolonial critique of curriculum change in South African HE. Venise completed her Ph.D in 2021 at the university of Pretoria in policy, specifically postcolonial curriculum policy. Her thesis explored lecturers’ understandings of postcolonial policy change in curriculum.

Selected Publications: 

Weber, E., & Joubert, V. (2023). Postcolonialism in the movies and the narratives of South African and international students at the University of Pretoria. In R.J. Tierney, F. Rizvi, & K. Ercikan (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Education, 4th edition. Elsevier. B978-0-32-3958080

Affiliation: SANTS Private Higher Education Institution