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Name: Ziska Fields
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Tel: 0027 11 559 3004


About Prof Ziska Fields

Professor Ziska Fields is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Management. Her academic and research interests are creativity, strategic innovation, higher education, and entrepreneurship. More specifically, her focus is on developing and fostering creativity in higher education and business. Her work has been published in over 39 reviewed articles, 19 book chapters, and 7 edited books. Prof Ziska Fields has supervised, to completion, 16 doctoral and 8 Masters’ students. She hosted 3 postdoctoral research fellows until the completion of their fellowship. She has examined over 44 doctoral theses and masters dissertations from several universities. She has peer-reviewed several international and national journal articles.


Professor Ziska Fields is a Researcher/Habilitator-Chair of Innovation Research and Technology Management at the Chemnitz University of Technology. More information about her role can be obtained here. She is also the SA Champion for the World Creativity and Innovation Week and the World Creativity and Innovation Day.  She is also a Neethling Brain Instruments ( NBI®) practitioner.


Current book projects: Two edited books titled (1) Multidisciplinary Approaches to Green Creativity, Eco-Innovation, and Collaboration; (2) Developments in Artificial Intelligence Creativity and Innovation.


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