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Prof Oluwafemi Adebo

Associate Professor (Food Technology) and Deputy Head: Research
Name: Oluwafemi Adebo
Location: John Orr Bulding, Room 2207b Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 6261


About Prof Oluwafemi Adebo


DTech – Food Technology (UJ)

MTech – Food Technology (UJ)

Higher National Diploma – Food Technology (MAPOLY)

National Diploma – Food Technology (MAPOLY)


Food Product Development

Food Components

Food Technology 1

Research interest/keywords

Three dimensional (3D) Food Printing, Metabolomics, Food Chemistry, Indigenous Foods, Traditional and Novel Food Processing Techniques, Health Promoting Constituents, Process Optimization, Mathematical Modelling, Food Product Development, Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Adebo, J.A., Njobeh, P.B., Chinma, C.E., Adebo, O.A. Metabolomics and its application in fermented foods. In: Indigenous Fermented Foods in the Tropics, Adebo, O.A., Chinma, C.E., Obadina, O., Panda, S., Soares, A., & Gan, R.Y. (Eds.). Elsevier, Netherlands. Accepted in press

Adebiyi, J.A., Njobeh, P.B., Ngobese, N., Adewumi, G.A., Adebo, O.A. (2021). Applications of gas chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry for food analysis. In: Instrumentation and Applications of High Resolution Mass Spectroscopy, Gopi, S., Thomas, S., Almalraj, A. (Eds.). CRC/Apple Academic Press, UK. pp. 213-238.

Oyedeji, A.B., Dudu, O.E., Ijabadeniyi, O.A. Adebo, O.A. (2021). Big data and the food industry. In: Food Science and Technology: Trends and Future Prospects, Ijabadeniyi, O.A. (Eds.). Degruyter, Germany. pp. 411-426.

Adefisoye, M.A., Green, E., Njobeh, P.B., Oyedeji, A.B., Adebo, O.A. (2021). Quality control of probiotics. In: Probiotic Beverages, Russell, I., Kellershohn, J., Panda, S. K (Eds.). Elsevier, Netherlands. pp. 389-402.

Oyeyinka, S.A., Falade, K.O., Ajayi, O.M., Amonsou, E.O., Njobeh, P.B., Adebo, O.A. (2021). Physical, nutritional and microstructural properties of Bambara groundnut. In: Food and Potential Industrial Applications of Bambara Groundnut, Oyeyinka, S.A., Adeomowaye, B.I.O (Eds.). Springer, UK. pp. 43-60.

Journal Articles

Kewuyemi, Y.O., Hema, K., Adebo, O.A. Trends in functional food development with three-dimensional (3D) food printing technology: prospects for value-added traditionally processed food products. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, Accepted in Press.

Azeez, S.O., Chinma, C.E., Bassey, S.O., Eze, U.R., Makinde, A.F., Sakariyah, A.A., Okubanjo, S.S., Danbaba, N., Adebo, O.A. (2022). The impact of germination alone or in combination with solid-state fermentation on the physicochemical, antioxidant, in vitro digestibility, functional and thermal properties of brown finger millet flours. LWT – Food Science and Technology, 154, 112734.

Chinma, C.E., Abu, J.O., Asikwe, B.N., Sunday, T., Adebo, O.A. (2021). Effect of germination on the physicochemical, nutritional, functional, thermal properties and in vitro digestibility of Bambara groundnut flours. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 140, 110749.

Adebo, O.A., Oyeyinka, S.A., Adebiyi, J.A., Feng, X., Wilkin, J.D., Kewuyemi, Y.O., Abrahams, A.M., Tugizimana, F. (2021). Application of gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS)-based metabolomics for the study of fermented foods. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 56, 1514-1534.

Oyedeji, A.B., Green, E., Adebiyi, J.A., Ogundele, O.M., Gbashi, S., Adefisoye, M.A., Oyeyinka, S.A., Adebo, O.A. (2021). Metabolomic approaches for the determination of metabolites from pathogenic microorganisms: a review. Food Research International, 140, 110042.

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