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Prof Nicholas Ngepah

Name: Nicholas Nwanyek Ngepah
Location: D Ring 224 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0)11 559 2061


Curriculum Vitae Nicholas Nwanyek Ngepah

About Prof Nicholas Nwanyek Ngepah

My core research interest and expertise are in poverty, inequality and inclusive growth, but also extends to associated policy measures relating to international trade, regional integration, health, industrialisation, economic governance and state fragility, agriculture, energy, climate change, labour market and gender issues. I have recently taken a strong interest in digital inclusion and human development.

Most recent publications

  • Saba, C. S., Ngepah, N., & Ohonba, A. (2022). Employment impact of national, provincial and local government capital in South Africa: An aggregate and sectoral perspective. Cogent Economics & Finance, 10(1), 2046322.
  • Saba, C. S. & Ngepah, N. (2022). Convergence in renewable energy sources and the dynamics of their determinants: An insight from a club clustering algorithm. Energy Reports, 78,116-125
  • Saba, C. S. & Ngepah, N. (2022). Convergence in renewable energy consumption and their influencing factors across regions: evidence from convergence algorithm approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (forthcoming/under production)
  • Saba, C. S. & Ngepah, N. (2022). Nexus between telecommunication infrastructures, defence and economic growth: a global evidence. NETNOMICS: Economic Research and Electronic Networking, (forthcoming/under production)
  • Ngepah, N., Eita J. H., Biyase M., & Saba, C. S. (2022). The effect of Transnet’s capital expenditure and investment in various other selected sectors of the South African economy. Economia Internazionale/International Economics (forthcoming/under production)​​​