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Prof Mdutshekelwa (Mdu) Ndlovu is an NRF rated Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Science and Technology Education (SciTechEd) and also the Vice-Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Education. His research interests include the integration of ICTs into the teaching and learning of mathematics at high school and undergraduate (pre-service) levels. He has published and continues to supervise Honors, Masters and Doctoral candidates in this niche area including pre-service teachers’ competencies in and beliefs about technology integration in the teaching of mathematics. He is co-editor of a Routledge scholarly book on the integration of ICTs in STEM education in Africa and has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings. He is an Associate Editor of Pythagoras, an accredited DHET, Scopus and DOAJ listed mathematics education journal.