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About Prof Mark Nielsen

Mark Nielsen is a Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Associate Professor Nielsen joined the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland in 2002 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow after completing his PhD at La Trobe University. He has since forged an international reputation for cutting-edge research on multiple aspects of developmental social cognition. Based on the quality of his research, he was presented with an Early Career Researcher Award from the International Society on Infant Studies (2006), a Research Excellence Award from the (then) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (2009), and in 2016 was made a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. He has published over 60 papers, had his research feature in over multiple conference presentations and invited conference and colloquia talks. He is currently Director, Early Cognitive Development Centre, Associate Editor of the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology and an Editorial Consultant for Child Development, Infant and Child Development and the Journal of Comparative Psychology.

Nielsen’s UJ connection is via the Rethinking Indigeneity project being conducted by Distinguished Professor Keyan G Tomaselli. Nielsen and his Australian PhD students are studying pre-school child over-imitation behaviour as indicators of the origins of culture. The highly cited founding article that emerged from this project is: Nielsen and Tomaselli, Overimitation in Kalahari Bushman Children and the Origins of Human Cultural Cognition. The online version of this article can be found at: DOI: 10.1177/0956797610368808 Psychological Science 2010 21: 729 originally published online 16 April 2010