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Jeremie Lehmann

Associate Professor
Name: Jérémie Lehmann
Location: C1 Lab 408 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 4717


About Prof Jérémie Lehmann

Research interests:

  • Evolution in the tectonics of orogens from the Archean to Paleozoic in the frame of secular changes through Earth’s history
  • Paleoarchean Earth: Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrain
  • Mesoproterozoic Earth: Kunene Complex massif-type anorthosite
  • Neoproterozoic to Cambrian Earth: Pan-African orogen of the Damara and Dahomeyide belts
  • Mining exploration in orogenic belts


Second year:  Structural Geology: stress, strain, rheology, brittle and ductile deformation at tectonic plate scale to mesoscale. Includes four days field excursion in Johannesburg dome basement gneisses and greenstones and deformed Witwatersrand Supergroup cover.

Honours:  Tectonic Evolution of Mountain Building Areas: structural geology and rheology of the lithosphere. Microstructures. Excursion: Advanced Field Mapping (3 weeks)

Recent publications:

  • Ormond, R.J.*, Lehmann, J., Hasalová, P., Elburg, M.A., 2024. A migmatite dome as a result of multi-fold interference pattern in the Damara Belt, Namibia. Journal of Structural Geology, 180, 105059.
  • Travers, L.*, Chauvet, A. and Lehmann, J., 2023. Structure and Distribution of the Gold-Related Quartz Vein Systems in the Southwestern Part of the Barberton Greenstone Belt (South Africa, Eswatini). Minerals, 13(8): 1034.
  • Lehmann, J., Brower, A.M.*, Owen-Smith, T.M., Bybee, G.M. and Hayes, B., 2023. Landsat 8 and Alos DEM geological mapping reveals the architecture of the giant Mesoproterozoic Kunene Complex anorthosite suite (Angola/Namibia). Geoscience Frontiers, 101620.
  • Milani, L., Lehmann, J., Bybee, G.M., Hayes, B., Owen-Smith, T., Oosthuizen, L., Delport, P.W.J., Ueckermann, H. 2022. Geochemical and geochronological constraints on the Mesoproterozoic Red Granite Suite, Kunene AMCG Complex of Angola and Namibia, Precambrian Research, 379, 106821.
  • Ormond, R.J.*, Lehmann, J. 2022. Polyphase Archean to Paleoproterozoic deformation in the core of the Kaapvaal Craton, implications for the formation of the Johannesburg Dome, Journal of Structural Geology, 157, 104554.
  • Kwayisi, D.*, Lehmann, J., Elburg, M.A. 2022 Provenance and depositional setting of the Buem Structural Unit (Ghana): Implications for the Paleogeographic reconstruction of the West African and Amazonian cratons in Rodinia, Gondwana Research, 109, 183-204.
  • Kwaysi, D.*, Elburg, M.A., Lehmann, J. 2022. Preserved ancient oceanic lithosphere within the Buem structural unit at the eastern margin of the west African craton, Lithos, 410-411, 106585.
  • Hayes, B., Lehmann, J., Bybee, G.M., Owen-Smith, T.M. 2022. Crystal transfer from magma to wallrock during syntectonic granite emplacement, Journal of the Geological Society, 179(1).
  • Andersen, T., Elburg, M.A., Lehmann, J. 2020. Enigmatic provenance signature of sandstone from the Okwa Group, Botswana, South African Journal of Geology, 123 (3), 331–342.
  • Lehmann, J., Bybee, G.M., Hayes, B., Owen-Smith, T.M., Belyanin, G. 2020. Emplacement of the giant Kunene AMCG Complex into a contractional ductile shear zone and implications for the Mesoproterozoic tectonic evolution of SW Angola, International Journal of Earth Sciences, 109, 1463-1485.
  • Kwayisi, D.*, Lehmann, J., Elburg, M.A. 2020. The architecture of the Buem Structural Unit: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Pan-African Dahomeyide Orogen, West Africa, Precambrian Research, 105568.
  • Bybee, G.M., Hayes, B., Owen-Smith, T.M., Lehmann, J., Ashwal, L.D., Brower, A.M.*, Hill, C.M., Corfu, F., Manga, M. 2019. Proterozoic massif-type anorthosites as the archetypes of long-lived (≥ 100 Myr) magmatic systems—new evidence from the Kunene Anorthosite Complex (Angola). Precambrian Research, 332 (15), 105393.
  • Milani, L., Lehmann, J., Naydenov, K.V., Saalmann, K., Nex, P.A.M., Kinnaird, J.A., Friedman, I.S., Woolrych, T., Selley, D. 2019. Geology and mineralization of the Cu-rich Mumbwa district, a potential IOCG-type system at the eastern margin of the Pan-African Hook batholith, Zambia, Journal of African Earth Sciences, 158, 103513.

*MSc and PhD students