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Name: Charmaine Arderne
Location: C2 Lab 215 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 2360


Curriculum Vitae Charmaine Arderne

About Prof Charmaine Arderne

Department of Chemical Sciences
University of Johannesburg
PO Box 524
South Africa


Room: C2LAB 215
Department of Chemical Sciences
University of Johannesburg
Ditton Road
South Africa


PhD (Physical Chemistry), University of Johannesburg, 2011



I have completed my PhD in Physical Chemistry with Prof. Gert Kruger in January 2011. Research that was carried out involved the crystallographic study of long-chained materials. Focus was on the structural characteristics and physical properties of long-chained n-alkyl diammonium salts as they are precursors to layered inorganic-organic perovskite-type hybrids; they are bidentate ligands in transition metal complexes that have applications in propellants, explosives and pyrotechnic compositions; they have structure directing properties in the synthesis of several zeolites and many new novel nanomaterials; and many have biological applications. Funding for the project came from the NRF Thuthuka programme and the University of Johannesburg.
I am currently a member of the Research Centre for Synthesis and Catalysis and am working on the following projects:
Metal induced cleavage of peptide and amide bonds using Co(III) amine and Co(III) amino acid complexes and their investigation as urease mimics.
This project is an experimental study of the synthesis, analysis and reaction of Cobalt(III) amine and Cobalt(III) amino acids complexes with urea-based materials to establish if cleavage of the amide and peptide bonds is successful. Also, the research is undertaken to determine and understand the mechanistic steps of these reactions and to conclusively determine if the cleavage occurs hydrolytically or by oxidative means and to establish if the metal complexes will function effectively as urease mimics. The broader scope of this project is in the field of biocatalysis. This project was awarded an NRF Thuthuka Award for funding 2016 – 2018 and again from 2019 – 2021. I have a small research group consisting of one MSc student; two PhD students and one Undergraduate Research Assistant, learning the relevant skills associated with this field of study. Recently, a postdoctoral fellow has joined the research group (Dr Bhawna Uprety) who will drive the project in a few different directions, and she will also assist the current students with their research in this area. This work is a joint collaborative effort between me and the project initiator Prof Ivan Bernal (retired Professor at University of Houston, Texas, USA) and Prof Demetrius Levendis (University of the Witwatersrand). This is my primary research interest, and my research group is the Biocatalysis and Structural Chemistry Research Group

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Structural investigation of natural products and their application in the field of medicinal chemistry.

This project is a structural study of several natural and synthetic materials that are tested for medicinal properties. The research undertaken involves the structural characterization using X-ray crystallography of many active ingredients that have been extracted from medicinal plants. Their structural characteristics are being investigated to understand their medicinal activity. This project is a collaboration with a colleague in the Department of Chemical Sciences on the DFC campus (with Prof Derek Ndinteh, who is the project leader) and my role in the project is solely as a crystallographer. I also have an expert crystallographer collaborating on this project in the person of Prof Ilia Guzei (Visiting Professor, University of Johannesburg; University of Wisconsin – Madison) who assists with the solution of difficult crystal structures of the materials that are extracted from the plant material under investigation.


Prof Derek Ndinteh – University of Johannesburg (DFC Campus), RSA

Prof Ilia Guzei – University of Wisconsin, Madison, United States of America

Prof Ivan Bernal – University of Houston, Texas, United States of America

Prof Demetrius Levendis – University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, RSA

Prof Damian Onwudiwer – North West University (Mafikeng Campus), RSA


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I am an ex-South African figure skater and International judge for figure skating. I enjoy the outdoors – camping, running, going to the gym, walking, and hiking. I also enjoy reading, calligraphy, ceramic, and fabric painting and watching movies in the spare time that I have.