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Prof Charles S. Whitehead

Name: Charles S. Whitehead
Location: D2 LAB 218 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27(0)11 559 2047


Curriculum Vitae Charles S. Whitehead

About Prof Charles S. Whitehead

Teaching activities:

Undergraduate: Plant physiology

Postgraduate: Postharvest physiology and Technology of Perishable Commodities

Research activities:

1. Investigations into the mechanisms involved in the control of senescence and ripening in plants with the view to develop effective mechanisms to delay senescence and ripening, through:

a. Ethylene sensitivity modification.

b. Ripening, post harvest treatment and storage of fruit and vegetables.

c. Postharvest treatment of cut flowers.

2. Investigations into the effect of carbon enrichment on the production and postharvest quality and behaviour of different horticultural products.

Technology development:

1. Development of banana ripening and export protocol

2. Development of tomato export protocol

3. Development of the electro-activated water (EAW) technique to improve yield and postharvest quality

4. Development of postharvest handling protocol for Piquanté peppers

Other activities:

1. Short courses and workshops to industry of postharvest produce handling and ripening

2. Reviewer for scientific journals and grant bodies

3. Community development projects:

a. Secunda vegetable community garden

b. Eastern Plats/Lonro vegetable community garden

c. Opus Dei training facility of prospective farmers