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Paul Molefe

Name: Paul Molefe
Location: C1 Lab 235 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3040


About Mr. Paul Molefe


Qualifications: PhD in Physics Education, Tshwane University of Technology – Current

 : MSc degree in Physics from Rand Afrikaans University – 2002

thesis title: Material Properties Of Thin Film Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Prepared By Two-Stage Growth Processes.

  : BSc (Hons) degree in Physics from Rand Afrikaans University -1997

 : BSc Ed degree from Vista University (Soweto) – 1996

Expertise:  Co-coordinator and Moderator of physics 1 extended course,  training educators and learners in Physical Science, running of workshops, managing the FET phase curriculum for Physical Science, Mathematics and Physical Science Educator and teaching both Mathematics and Physical science from grade 8 to grade 12. 2015 NBT-Standard setting panelist.


1. A re-look at the sequence of concepts in our curriculum (SAIP-UNIVEN 2019).

2. Activities to enhance students’ understanding of acceleration (ICPE-WITS 2018).

3. Students’ explanation of motion in a real-life context (SAIP 2017)

4. Physics foundation program: Implications for second-year mainstream physics module.(SAIP 2013)

5. Is there a gap between the high school curriculum and first-year university experience? SAIP 2013)

6. Investigation of problem areas in vectors as experienced by first-year university students. (ISTE 2013).

7. How much do first-year physics students really understand? An entry-level test. (SAIP 2012)

8. Investigating the causes of unsatisfactory performance on the section involving vectors in basic mechanics. (SAIP 2012).

9. Is Foundation Provision the solution to the first-year students’ performance? (SAIP 2012).

10. The readiness of high school students to pursue first-year physics. (Africa Education Review 2012)

11. The transition from high school physics: How well prepared are our students? (SAIP 2011)

12. Foundation provision: Any difference in students’ performance? (SAIP 2011).

13. Formation of CuInSe2 Thin Films by H2Se/Ar Treatment of Thermally Evaporated Metallic Precursors From A Single Crucible. (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics)

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